WIPs Wednesday – WELCOME!!!!

Well, as you can see, the whole of Sally’s Angelworks is a WORK IN PROGRESS!!! I am loving our new site here at wordpress, and I’m ramping up to do some super exciting things here on the blog!!!

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All of the great content you are used to is still all right here. There may be some kinks here and there, and do not hesitate to tell me if there is something you think I’m missing (a link here or a link there…here a link…oh, wait…that’s a farm song! LOL!!!). Try out my new CONTACT page if you see something you need to let me know about!

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Also, check out my daughter’s new page right here on the site! Cora is now a contractor for hire for Sally’s Angelworks. She is my new letterer! There is a sneaky peek of our first collaboration over on the WHY MINI QUILTS page. Check it out! And be sure to check back on Friday for the full post on our first project together!


I’m still sending out a newsletter on Monday mornings called the Tape Recorder Sessions, but I will be adding a blog content newsletter on Fridays, so if you don’t want to miss any action or posts or announcements or giveaways or other exciting news, make sure you are signed up for that!!

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Let me know if there is content you would love to have. This blog/site is about connecting with you, my reader. I am a sort of renaissance woman, so if you aren’t too into one aspect of what’s happening, stay tuned! There will be something else going on soon!! Kind of like the rain in Houston…wait 5 minutes and it’ll pass…or wait 10 minutes and it’ll be downpouring! 🙂

2015-07-14 08.54.32

There is one message I hope you’ll see throughout Sally’s Angelworks, and that is the message of HOPE! I believe that a more abundant life is just waiting for us out there, and it’s our job to seek Him for that life! No matter what our circumstances are, Jesus loves us, and He, my darling friends and readers is the HOPE of the World!!

Thanks for sticking with me through this BIG change!! (I’ve been blogging over at Typepad for 9 years…so this is BIG.HUGE!) I know it’s going to be even more fruitful in all ways!

And what are you working on this beautiful Wednesday?


I’m linking up with Brooke and her WIPs Wednesday!


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