WIPs – the “What happened to all my Time?” version


Wednesdays come fast here!

I managed to finish one out of the three items on my WIPs list last week. But I also sewed up two secret projects and worked on a couple more “in progress” projects.

Here’s what’s on the docket this week:


My Easter Dress!!

The blue flowered fabric is the one I’m doing for a wearable muslin. (See the sheep peeking out???? yay!)

This is the version I’m doing…


Gretchen has a great blog post about how to combine the top and skirt parts to make the dress you want!!

So I’m using these fabrics for my version:


Props to my sister for leading me to Gretchen’s blog. And props to Amazon for shipping me her book on the day it came out.

While I wait for the fabrics to dry (always prewash your garment fabrics!! Even (especially) quilter’s cotton!!), here’s what I’m binding this week:


I still have my March list in front of me. I’m hoping to get as much done as possible while still hanging with the family and celebrating Jesus this week!

Time to throw the fabrics in the dryer!

What are you working on this week??? You can link up with Brooke, too!!!



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