Whatcha workin’ on this week?


A few weeks ago, Mr Gorgeous and I moved the furniture around in our bedroom. It was the first time in 15 years that we’ve moved this bed! And if you know us, that’s just weird. We move our furniture pretty much every 6 months. It’s cheaper than a whole new house!!


After we moved the furniture, I reminded Mr Gorgeous that we want to finally paint this room. This is the last room in our big house that still has the original paint!! 15 years, remember! It’s time!!

So this room is a WIP…a work in progress. I’m seeing it as my spring break project!!


This week, I’ve booked two hours at Quilt Your Own to quilt my unfinished tops. And I’ve decided to quilt these little projects:



A few years ago, I was asked to create a quilt based on Marcia Derse’s design. My quilt called Sticks can be found HERE. When I was creating it, I had testing to do. Using this fun red and white fabric (designed by creative thursday), I created how to do this fun idea of random strips with different widths.


I’m looking forward to practicing fun free motion quilting on the long arm on this piece.


Here’s a fun table runner for Christmas that I’m quilting this week!



I did the snowman block as part of a BOM that fizzled out after the first two months. It was sad, but now I have a great table runner!! Or I will have after I quilt it! yay!!


This sweet table topper came from scraps from the finishing of my Irish + quilt designed by Becca Bryan.


After I starch it a little bit more, I’ve got some ideas of fun quilting a la Angela Walters! (So glad I took that class with her with the HMQG!)

Other than that, this week, I’ve got a LOT of binding to do!!!


I keep hearing this song ringing in my ears…Then sings my soul!!

What fun projects are you finishing up this week? Let’s see those finishes on Friday!!!!!!

Tomorrow’s post will feature the amazing miraculous faith-giving story of my sweet 14 year old, Lillian who is celebrating those 14 years today! yay!!!!


I’m linking up with Brooke’s WIP Wednesdays!!



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