My New Clover Easter Dress Post


We had a wonderful Easter weekend celebrating with family!


Saturday, we joined Cora and Nathan at the park for a picnic. The girlies wanted to take pics with their “matching” Easter garb even though it was Saturday. It was such a beautiful day for a picnic. Just perfect!


On Saturday, my Easter dress was finished except for some fitting issues (hem, side seam…).

So after the picnic, I went home and did the adjustments and put it back on the dress form.


{that waist, though!}

I made a wearable muslin on Friday morning and learned a lot about the patterns in Gretchen’s book, Gertie’s Ultimate Dress Book and how they fit my body. First of all, I have to stay true to the styles that look good on me. Circle skirts, as cute as they look on other people, aren’t very flattering on me. Also, the measurements in the book are true to size. When it says make a size 8, do it! 🙂

The beauty of the way the book is put together is that you can combine sizes. So my top needed to be an 8 and the skirt a 12 (just being real here!), and the bottom of the top needed to flow into a size 12. She actually explains how to do that when making a muslin. It took me two dress makings to realize that. Instead of keeping to the size 8 after my tight muslin, I just made a size 10 top and it was a little bit big in the bust. I’m one of those that needs to do to learn!

Here’s a pic of me on Sunday before church:


I am in LOVE with this lamby fabric, Clover by Alexia Abegg for Cotton and Steel.


(after church and lunch)

It was sooo fun to wear lambs on Easter! Because…Worthy is the Lamb!!!

And I want to make all the clothes now. I have some other fun fabrics that are set aside for clothing, and I can’t wait to play!!

After several weeks of family wildness and spring breaks and Easter breaks, we actually didn’t plan any big family dinners. So we just went out to eat (gasp!!) on Easter. It was lovely and the restaurant wasn’t anywhere near as full as it usually is. I guess other families like to cook and get together for Easter Sunday lunch.


(I love my father-in-law’s expression here! and yes, it was so sunny…happy happy!!!)

Happy Easter from the Kellers!!!!



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