miracles and testimonies!!!


Hallelujah!!! Our baby is 14!!!

You knew it was coming.

Every year on March 2nd (or around March 2nd), I post about our sweet Lillian! She’s 14, in 8th grade, homeschooling, a great singer, and soooooo creative. We basically believe she is the next George Lucas.


This is us yesterday in the morning! Celebrating the birthday girl!

If you haven’t heard yet, she’s our miracle. Not a little miracle, but a bevy of miracles all wrapped up into this sweet little wild 14 year-old!!


Quick version: My uterus ruptured while in labor with this girlie, and she was born dead. Completely dead, Apgar of 0, no breathing, no blood pressure!

The neonatologist on call resuscitated her and put her on a ventilator. After a week and a half (the longest of our lives!!!), she could breath on her own. But she didn’t swallow correctly for a year. And she had severe low tone.

But…she survived. She not only survived, she thrived!!

READ the in-depth story of Lil’s birth and the miracles that happened during it HERE!!


{here she is at our family party this past Monday night!}

We’ve had some struggles, some harder than others (I’ll open up about our battle with ADHD soon, I promise!), some a little easier (physical therapy is so wonderful!), and some that surprised me!!


{her new minecraft stop-action video set from her cousins!!!}

The best part of celebrating Lil is remembering how she battled and talking about the stories and the miracles and our feelings. And realizing that it wasn’t because of anything we did or said or how we acted that saved her!! It was because of the grace of our great Creator! He loves all of us so very much. And He saved Lil!


{Thanks, Cora for this great picture!!}

A few weeks ago, Lil and my mom and I were visiting my best friend’s mom while she was recovering from multiple hip surgeries. She was a down about what was going on with her recovery, and Lil stepped right up and said this to her: “If you are worried, if you don’t know what’s going to happen, just look at me!!!! I was born dead, and now I’m doing great!!! You’ll be fine!!!” My friend’s mom’s eyes lit up, and she just smiled! What a beautiful testimony!


We are sooo thankful for that testimony and we will continue to shout it out into the world.

Not because of who Lil is or who I am or who Mr Gorgeous is (gorgeous, of course!), but because of who God is!! He is everything!!!!


See you tomorrow with some of my latest finishes!!!



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