Pillows, kitties, and living my story!


It's time!

It's time to crank it up…

the blog…

the homeschooling…

the music…

the newsletter…

the crafting…

my life!


Remember these piles? Three layer cakes and a big chunk of Kona Snow…


I've recently started renting time on a long arm machine at a local store called Quilt Your Own (in Stafford, TX). Here is my sweet Mr Gorgeous's patchwork quilt being quilting! By me!!! yay!!!


I used a large meandering stitch and finished quilting it in an hour and a half!!!

I just have the binding to go…you'll see it finished SOON! yay!



Here's a completed project for a friend's birthday! She actually sewed the blocks on the sides and when cleaning out her craft room, she gave them to me. I loved putting them together with a little bit of inspirational embroidery! I love collaborations!


The pillow sham is from Target, but the quilt is my current bed quilt that I whipped up two years ago in a week!! 

My girls joined me in making the next gift for our same friend…


She is a cat person but, alas, has no kitties right now. So I gave her four new kitties. My three girls and I each embroidered one of the kitties. I used a pattern from a shop from Etsy called Shiny Happy World. You can get the pattern HERE.



We have three kitties including our crazy baby, Eli! He just discovered Free Motion Quilting!


(he's a little blurry because he's constantly moving!!)

Stay tuned tomorrow for some WIPs!! I have my list going, and it's getting knocked out, too!!



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