It’s coming…


Need some uplifting words today?

Need some uplifting words every day? 

I do!!

One of the lies that plays in my head frequently is this:

"You are failing! and you probably won't recover from this one this time!"


Does that surprise you that I think that?

(Don't even ask Mr Gorgeous how many times he's had to fight through these thoughts out loud with me!!!)

All of us have lies that are playing in the TAPE RECORDER that is our brain. Personally I believe it comes from one of three sources: the loud world, the devil, and my own voice.

There is a way to fight through all of the noise in my head, though! Relief comes from these words:


Renewing my mind means to me that I'm replacing those lies with TRUTHS!!! Why am I wallowing with a bad tape in my head? I refuse to listen to this anymore!

So in response, I'm creating a weekly project/newsletter to encourage us to listen to the LOVE that is poured out on us minute by minute!! Please sign up to receive this little bit of encouragement weekly!

sign up to receive THE TAPE RECORDER SESSIONS!


You can also purchase my inspirational projects from my Etsy store, Sally's Angelworks.   

Let's not wait until we are completely debilitated by the negative voices in our heads regardless of where they are from. Let's replace them with the encouragement that we are loved by the One who created everything beautiful! And that includes you!! and me!!



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