Finish it Friday! and maybe a political statement…maybe!


I'm super excited that I've finished 5 things off of my UFOs list!!!

I showed you the "But First, Jesus" Pillow on Tuesday

Here's my next quick finish…


This was an impromptu little mini art quilt that I put together using leftovers from other projects!!


I added my embroidered text "Note to Self: Love" as a reminder to me during this crazy political season! A season where our nation is becoming polarized! I don't need to get onto social media and blast people with my opinions…although, if you ask me, I'll tell you how I feel and who I voted for (early voting is awesome!!!).

More importantly, we need to love each other regardless of our political affiliation, skin color, religion, etc…

This is my reminder of that!


One of the fun things I did with this mini was to practice different free motion quilting patterns from a couple of books! More about that later!!! But practicing is awesome!!!!!


Finish number 2 is my little Alison Glass mini that reminds me to FOCUS!!!! This has been a struggle for me lately…probably because of my ADD child and my own ADD tendencies. Again, more about that later. (I want to focus on these issues all by their lonesomes! See what I did there???? Focus!!)


My favorite part of this mini is the french knots that bring your focus onto the Alison Glass SunPrints flowers.


Finish number 3 &4:

Remember this pic? (in yesterday's post…)


These two finished quilts just needed to be made into pillows! Let's let the pics speak for themselves.





and the other…



I love this little polaroid!


(don't forget…keep those legs moving!!!)


As you know from an earlier post this week, I've been quilting my quilt tops on a rented long arm machine. I'm cranking through them pretty quickly. So far, I've quilted 7 quilts in 16 hours!! I'm excited to get those bindings on and give some to charity and give some to Mr Gorgeous. (He's funding the long arm rental…he deserves all the quilts! LOL!!)

Stay tuned for more finishes. And yay again for finishes!!!

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