Deer In Headlights and Other Revelations


My 3-word One Little Word for the year!!

So much wildness to explain…

So much confession to make…

So much hope to spread…


Last fall, I told myself I had a great idea!! I even told the idea to a few good friends and family. I got a great response. 

Then came the deer in headlights.


I got "Paralysis of Analysis".

Usually, at the beginning of the year, I can shake it off and start my production line quickly. But this year, I felt like I was stuck in quicksand. I made excuses to myself like…

  • "Something's up with my blood pressure medicine! It's making me slow!"
  • "I need to sit with Mr Gorgeous and spend as much time as possible with him!"
  • "I'm too tired to get off of the couch because I worked out today!"
  • "I don't have the right pictures to post!"
  • "You're no good at this anyway!"

…and on and on and on!


When I was 21 (a few years ago *ahem*), I got mononucleosis. I was in my junior/senior year of college, and I missed about 2 weeks of classes. In the years that followed that time, anytime I got tired or a heaviness in my chest, I thought mono was coming back, and I would just stop doing.

A few years ago (I probably have told this before here! It was a significant journey, for sure!!!), I got to feeling tired, overwhelmed, and despondent. I was processing how I felt with the man of my dreams, and he told me, "Just do it! Just get up and do whatever it is that is stressing you out. Rip that bandaid off!" What an awesome piece of advice. 


This month, I have been putting excellent words and advice in my head and heart to get me going. I will be sharing those words that have led me to a line of creativity that I'm super excited about!!

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It reminds me of a story of a football player who got the ball, and his coach kept yelling at him, encouraging him, saying, "Just keep your legs moving!!!!"

Let me encourage you today! Just keep those legs moving today! You can do it! And so can I!!!!



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