revelation! hope! and help!


Happy Weekend!! A perfect time to rest and enjoy our surroundings, right? 

This weekend is full of great ideas, lists, and moving furniture. It's also going to be full of family time and just laying around watching football and probably a LOT of sewing!!

In order to get to this weekend, though, I had to get through my strength training workout.


{new sneakers on my wish list from NIKE}

Confession: I am a cellist. I am a quilter. I am sedentary!!

Exercise and I have been like oil and water. I was that kid that, when running the mile for the Presidential Fitness Test in high school, I barely made it!!! All of the other kids stood on the sidewalk yelling, "you can do it, sally! you can do it!! keep running!! or walk a little faster!!!"

Fast forward almost 30 years and a lot of instagram pictures of sitting on the couch! Mr Gorgeous and I decided we needed a little help. But I was a little resistant about a trainer. Okay, I was a LOT resistant about a trainer. 

About two months ago, Mr Gorgeous was mailing a package at a local postal place, and he had parked in front of an exercise gym. As he got back in his truck, he looked at the gym and realized that that was exactly what he had been looking for. He popped in and met the owner, Wendall. 

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 10.57.55 PM

{image found originally HERE by princess consuela}

Fast forward 8 weeks later…Yep, you guessed it: We're working out with a trainer twice a week!! And then on Fridays, we work out without our trainer.

So, this past Wednesday, Wendall messed with my routine. He added time on each exercise, and he added another round to my overall workout. All I could think was that I'm not sure if I can make it through! Today, I was excited that, at least I was still pretty committed to working out. But, really, it wasn't with that great of an attitude.


Then EUREKA!!! I had a moment in the middle of my third round out of four. I started to think about scriptures like "I can do ALL THINGS through Him who strengthens me!!" and ideas like 'the power that raised Jesus from the dead…that power lives in me!!', and all of a sudden, I was doing a bit more of each exercise for the last two rounds!

It was a focus issue. I immediately remembered being in labor (thus the pic above of mr gorgeous and my sweet Emma right after birth!) and how those refocusing exercises really helped me!! 


{image found here on Mental Moment}

REFOCUSING!!!! What a revelation!

It gave me hope!! So much hope!! I'll be able to make it through ANY workout that Wendall throws my way. I know it now! That confidence will actually help me put my shoes on each day. It will help me pick the right foods to eat for my five little meals (that stay within my Weight Watchers daily point plus values!!) that I eat daily.

It will help me to refocus on Him…which is the cry of my heart!! 

What is helping you through your daily hard moments right now?

Have a wonderful weekend!!!



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