Need some extra oxygen?


reoxygenate ‎(third-person singular simple present reoxygenatespresent participle reoxygenatingsimple past and past participle reoxygenated)

  1. (transitive) To oxygenate again or anew.

In my vernacular, it means I took some ME time! 

Is that really a good thing for a good little Christian wife and mother to do? 


You know how on the airplane, the flight attendants tell you to put your oxygen mask on you first and then on your child? This is what I did this weekend!

I went on a quilt retreat with the Houston Modern Quilt Guild.

I had three quilt tops I wanted to finish. And I got one and a half done!! yipeeeeee!!!!


Remember this awesome Alison Glass pile of Handcrafted?


It went from this to…



Okay, okay…Here's the quilt itself! (I had fun at the retreat…can you tell???)


Pattern to come!! AND a special surprise with it when it's finished!!!

My second quilt top is almost done! Here are the different stages of it…





And here it is right before I left the retreat place:


I've since sewn 1/2 of the rows together. I'll do an entire post about the construction of this quilt and the inspiration, etc! I just can't wait to have it be snuggly on my bed!!! 🙂

Right now, in another effort to reoxygenate, I'm tearing up my craft studio to make it more quilt friendly and to give me some breathing room! I'm also downsizing a lot of my art supplies, so be sure to follow me on IG or FB. I'll be posting links to my ebay auctions for those!! 

How are you reoxygenating today????





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