Friday Finishes – Wedding Quilt #3

2015-06-20 14.52.18

We know it's true. Weddings are magical. 

We got to experience a bevy of weddings this past summer, as you've seen here on the blog. (The above pic is of a gift basket Cora made for her bridesmaids! So beautiful!!) First, my darling daughter, Cora and her Nathan, then her cousin – my nephew, Phil and his Nina, and last, but not least, my cousin's daughter, MacKenzie and her Landon!!

2015-08-07 18.02.17

Their wedding was beautiful! 

2015-08-07 18.17.05

2015-08-07 20.24.20

Such a gorgeous setting and family. It was such a pleasure to be able to celebrate with them!!

2015-08-07 21.01.59

(we had to get in a #selfieswithsally at the reception!!)

So, for MacKenzie and Landon, I created a new pattern using my favorite color {teal}, and one of my favorite traditional blocks – the Dresden Plate!

2015-08-07 13.57.47

Here are some other pics of it:

2015-08-07 13.56.59

2015-08-07 13.58.03

2015-08-07 13.59.23

2015-08-07 13.56.25

My favorite part is the middle of each dresden…

2015-08-07 13.56.34

2015-08-07 13.56.39

2015-08-07 13.58.18

2015-08-07 13.58.23

Guess what! Love really is hopeful!!!!

Especially at the start of a marriage…

and especially when you use hand embroidery!!!

2015-08-07 14.00.23

Congrats to all of those who put on weddings this summer. And I'm excited that I actually finished 4 quilts completely this summer!!!

Finishes are #blissful…



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