adventuring through life!!!


I'm ready! Are you?


{photo by Sarah McKenzie Photography}

It's been quite the summer as you'll see in the next few months! I finished multiple projects, including a beautiful DIY wedding for my sweet daughter and her husband and a cross country trip with my entire family!!! Over 5800 miles – over 103 hours in the car – an adventure, for sure!!


I thought I would be able to blog all the way through it, but alas, I was thwarted. Thwarted by technology, thwarted by time, thwarted by focus (or non-focus!). 


But I am super-excited by the "New-Normal"! We are gearing up for school. And for me, school means routine. Generally, I buck routine, but this year, I am embracing it!!

It will be an adventure, right???

I hope you join me in this sweet adventure called life!




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