Celebrate new beginnings!


{photo credit: Sarah McKenzie Photography}

And they are married!!


{photo credit: Sarah McKenzie Photography}

Last weekend was such a highlight in my almost 46 years! Everything came together perfectly! And it accomplished what we wanted…our two precious souls got married!! 

And they lived happily ever after…

Yep, quite happily! Right now, they are partying in Paris, France for three weeks. I'm okay with that! They deserve it. Cora deserves three weeks of no real pressure after these last six months. She put on a great party for sure! And really, it started before 6 months ago with her choosing the right guy for forever and choosing the right friends to surround her and support her during this crazy awesome time. She didn't get to choose her family, but they were incredible, too!!!

In the next few months, I'll share a lot of the DIY projects we did (and she and her girlies did), but I want to wait for the good pics!! But here are a few random ones from the day…


{photo by my good friend @titavickery}

On Father's Day…Mr Gorgeous did a great job!!!!


{photo by my sister-in-law DeAnna}

So this is what I made the quilt for. It was the perfect decoration for the "altar", and at the end, the parents picked it up and wrapped up our kiddos in it to symbolize the fact that they are wrapped in God's love in their marriage! At least, that's what we are saying!!


{photo by Mr Gorgeous…I gave him the "don't take pics during the ceremony" look, but he still got a few!!! Don't tell but I'm very thankful he did!!!}


{photo by my sister-in-law DeAnna}

I'm sooooo happy I backed this quilt in this fabulous Priory Square fabric – gold metallic roses since it was quite prominent on the recessional!! Usually, I back my quilts in premium muslin since I like solid white fabric and it super cheap! But here, my splurging choice paid off!!


{photo by Lupe Hernandez}

Cora and Nathan were so awesome! Calm, cool, and truly a sweet example of fun-loving in-love pair! 


I will say that I'm having a little bit of performance let-down {a condition that happens after you spend an inordinate amount of time preparing for something, then it's over!!!}…but soooooo very happy with the memories and with the happy couple! 

Congratulations, Cora and Nathan!!!!


{photo by Sarah McKenzie Photography}


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