wedding quilts – ’tis the season!

Acute wedding triangle quilt 1

As we are heading into major wedding making time, I am excited and delighted to say that the main wedding quilt is all finished up! 

Cora had an idea of having a quilt for she and Nathan to stand on with their officiant under an arbor. She picked out a pattern and said she wanted it to be made out of gold and navy fabric. Then she did what any self-respecting bride does and she gave me a deadline!

Acute wedding triangle quilt 2

And I made it just in time for her deadline. It really was for her engagement photos, but alas, because of weather and time changes and such, she didn't actually use it. No worries!! She'll get plenty of use out of this beauty.

And now for the details…

I used the Acute Triangle Pattern free from the Art Gallery website. Cora (and I) found it on Pinterest and loved it!

Acute wedding triangle quilt 3

(an in-process photo for you! I like to stream a gob of movies while I work focused on one project!)

I actually went to my local quilt shop and facetimed Cora and together (kinda), we picked the fabrics!!

Here's the end result…

Acute wedding triangle quilt 5

Cora has since washed it, and it's super cuddly and yummy!!

Acute wedding triangle quilt 6

This gold fabric is 55% cotton and 45% silk!! Talk about yummy!!!!

Acute wedding triangle quilt 7

In making this quilt, I learned a LOT about triangles: isosceles triangles, equilateral triangles, gold triangles, navy triangles, etc…LOL!!! And what I found was that triangles are a pleasure to work with. Anything is super fun when you can chain piece and it comes out looking like this!!!

Acute wedding triangle quilt 8

Cora, you picked a delightful pattern…what's next? Bunting, maybe?

Stay tuned to see what is made next!!!



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