Summer Dreamin’ Sanibel Blog Hop + giveaway


Yay!!! I'm so excited to be a part of Gina Martin's Sanibel Summer Dreamin' Blog Hop!! So marvelous! 


These fabrics are so wonderful, luscious and perfect for summer projects (made during the cool spring, right???)

My kiddos are aching for the pool! I'm pretty sure Mr Gorgeous is going to heat it in the next few weeks so they can jump in…

Our pool

These beautiful fabrics that Gina Martin has gorgeously designed are perfect for pool projects, so I grabbed some towels from Target, three fat quarters of Sanibel, and pool projects commenced!!

Sanibel 5

Let's decorate a fun towel first!

Sanibel 1

–Cut 2 strips of 4.5" x WOF for each towel!

–Iron each long edge over 1/4" for small hems on each long side.

Sanibel 2

–Using a ruler, place your long strip exactly 2" from the bottom of the edge of the towel. 

–Pin! Be sure and fold the side edges under before the long edges.

Sanibel 3

Sanibel 4

–Sew your beautiful fabric right along the edges of the strip. Do this on the both edges of the towel.

And Voila! You have beautiful towels ready for pool-side!

Sanibel finish 7

But how will we carry our towels to the pool or the beach? 

A pool tote, of course!!

Sanibel 6

Grab 7 half yards of these beautiful blue and teal Sanibel fabrics, and let's get to sewing! (you'll have some left over for some fun little beach projects, later…)

Sanibel finish 8

1. Cut and piece the outside panels (2) of the bag as per the picture below:

Pieced outside pool tote

2. Iron the seams toward the bottom of the panels, and top stitch right next to the seam…

Sanibel 7

Sanibel 8

Sanibel 9

3. Cut and piece together two panels (x2) for the inside lining:

Inside lining pool tote

5. Set lining aside. Cut 2 interfacing panels 21.5" x 24.5" and iron it onto the wrong side of the outside panels.

6. To make handles, cut two pieces of fabric 3.5" x WOF. Fold each strip right sides together longwise and sew using a 1/4" seam allowance. Turn right side out and press with the seam in the middle of one side.

Sanibel 10

7. Topstitch along the edge (1/8" inside the edge). Set aside.

Sanibel 11

*Option: if you like thicker, comfier straps, add thin fusible batting inside your straps before you sew the tube.

Sanibel 12

8. For the inside pocket, take a piece of fabric and cut two pieces out of it: 6" x 15". Sew them together right sides together leaving a little opening at the bottom for turning right side out. After turning it right side out, sew a top stitched line on the top of the pocket.

9. Pin your pocket evenly on your inside panel. Sew around the edge and reinforce at the top. To make smaller pockets, sew a line from the top of the pocket to the bottom. Place this line 4" from the left side of the pocket. Place another line 4.5" from the right side of the pocket. This should leave you a 6" pocket in the middle!

***Optional piece – a vinyl pocket big enough to hold a wet swimsuit!

Sanibel finish 9


To make the pocket…

a. Cut a piece of vinyl 13.5" x 22". Cut two strips 3" x WOF of fabric. 

b. Just as you put a binding on a quilt, fold your strip in half longwise, wrong sides together, press  and then place raw edges of the strip along one of the 13.5" edges. Sew it on! You will have the vinyl on the bottom, so you can use scotch tape on your throat place and the underside of your foot to ease the vinyl through.

Sanibel 13


c. Cut any excess vinyl off, fold your fabric over the raw edge and sew. *hint: use wonder clips to hold the fabric while you sew.

d. Do this for both 13.5" tops and fold your vinyl piece in half. Sew the sides of the vinyl, then bind the sides like you did the tops. 

Sanibel 14

Sanibel 15

e. When putting the strips on the sides, add 3 inches on the top of each side to use to attach the pocket onto the tote!

Back to the tote…

10. Place the tote outside panels right sides together and sew the sides and bottom. 

11. Do the same for the lining fabric and leave an opening 4" wide at the bottom!

12. Box both the outside panel corners and the lining corners like this…

Sanibel 18

13. Sew the box corners at an inch. Trim and turn the outside of the tote right side out. 

Sanibel 19

13. Place the outside piece inside the lining (keep the lining wrong side out) and pin top raw edges all the way around. *Make sure they are right sides together. Place the vinyl pocket in between the two layers and pin the two tabs along the top raw edge. For placement, measure equal distances on either side from the side seams.

14. Sew all the way around the top, reinforcing over the vinyl pocket tabs.

Sanibel 20

15. Turn the tote right side out through the hole at the bottom of the lining. After you straighten out the corners of the outside and the lining, sew the bottom hole of the lining closed.

16. Push the lining into the bag, top stitch, and get ready to put on your handles.

17. Measure in from each side seam 2" and pin one handle end. Pin the other end of the handle to the same side of the outside 2" in from the other seam. Sew them on. Do the same for the other side of the tote. 

You are done! Fill your tote and go swimming!!!

Sanibel finish 5

Sanibel finish 3

Sanibel finish 1

Sanibel finish 2

Sanibel finish 11

Sanibel finish 12

Don't forget your sunscreen!!!

And ALSO!!! Gina has a giveaway for you here on the hop, too!!! Yay!!

A Layer Cake of Sanibel!!


Just leave me a comment here and I'll draw a winner on April 12th! Can't wait to hear from you!!

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I hope you enjoy playing with Sanibel as much as I have!!! ♥


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