Hazel Love and All is Possible!

Hazel Hedgehog 2

One thing I really love about my quilt guild, the Houston Modern Quilt Guild, is that they are interested in the same things I am. When patterns come out that I am interested in making, usually there is someone else in our guild that also is interested!

Enter in Elizabeth Hartman's Hazel Hedgehog pattern…


I had bought one of the smaller patterns (Hazel Hedgehog I) from Julie's store, Intrepid Thread, but alas, who has time to mess around with hedgehogs with a wedding coming up?

Then Amy saw that a bunch of us wanted the pattern and wanted a class to make it. I was thinking I just needed someone to set aside some time for me to make it, and that class would give me that excuse!!

As it turned out, I definitely needed the class and support. I sewed the nose piece on the wrong way, and it took me a good 15 minutes to figure it out!! I don't know if by myself, I would have persevered to realize what the real problem was. I would have just pushed through and finished it wrong (a character fault based on being too busy…but that's another blog post!!).

So here's my correctly finished Hazel…

Hazel Hedgehog 1

I love this picture not only because of Hazel, but because of Lil's earphones. LOL!!

I took some time to plan my quilting on this little girlie, and I used a few of the ideas Angela Walters taught us in our HMQG class with her back in March.

Hazel Hedgehog 3 

So fun!!!

In January at our HMQG meeting/workshop, we learned how to do reverse applique with strip piecing. I finally finished this project, too.

Today is possible 1

I love the fun scraps used in this pillow.

Today is possible 3

Today is possible 5

It now is a well loved pillow on our couch.

I love to be reminded that Today is Full of Possible!!!

Today is possible 2

I'm off to print off wedding invitation envelopes. I hope your day is full of possible, too!



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