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I'm super excited to share with you a recent finish! My dear friend (and my daughter's future mom-in-law) has a fun request every year (this is year 3!! I love this tradition) for a quilt! She and her hubby's business buys the quilt and donates it to a local ministry's silent auction (Second Mile Ministries). This year, she mentioned that the ladies running the auction would probably love something very Texas-y!

Well, I just happened to have a great Texas panel that I've been storing for a fun project such as this!! (I have one more put away for another quilt…maybe for mr gorgeous, my Texas boy!!)

I went to a fun fabric store in downtown Houston and purchased a bunch of Texas-y (I love that word!!) fabric…and here's the quilt!!!


I was inspired by a block in Vintage Quilt Revival and designed the four blocks similarly!



That barbed wire fabric is so fun…although, it can be a bit dangerous…(see below!! eeep!)


That's my quilting glove that accidentally got sewn into the quilting! No digits were harmed in the quilting of this quilt! (thank goodness!!!)


Here's the panel I used for the middle. I free motion quilted around the state and the "label" on the left side. 


Since I opted not to quilt inside the state, I embroidered over the letters of TEXAS to keep it from being too loosey goosey!!

I love how the state puffs out!!


Special thanks to Cora for holding up the quilt for me! (All four kiddos are very well versed in this procedure!)


Since she was home for easter break, she got roped in! (see what I did there????) 🙂

I have a couple of other finishes this week, but I'm going to save those for other posts! Stay tuned for a new skirt and a new pillow and a fun little pixelated quilt! yay!!!

What are you finishing this weekend?



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