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Modern Rainbow 1

Oooooooooo I'm so excited to be on Becca Bryan's Modern Rainbow Blog Tour!!!


Are you ready for some fun today? Stick with me for a chance to win!!!

I met Becca at a Houston Modern Quilt Guild meeting. It did not take me long to realize that she is my people! We both have four kids, one boy and three girls; at the time we met, we both homeschooled our kiddos; and crazily enough, our oldest children are both named Cora!! Oh, and we both are crazy about God, quilting, and for the color TEAL!!! (Did I mention our irrational love for coffee in there, too??? Maybe I shouldn't admit all of our craziness!!!)


{Becca and me in front of her quilt called Huckleberry at QuiltCon}

At QuiltCon, we were roomies! We had a fabulous time together…and my goal was not to brag too much about how my hotel room had the best quilts in it…you know, the quilts from her new book, Modern Rainbow??? Those quilts! Okay, I may have bragged a little!

Becca's book, Modern Rainbow: 14 Imaginative Quilts That Play with Color is full of colorful inspiration, fabulous patterns, and a wonderful perspective on different aspects of quilting! 


{I love this pic of her signing her book!!!!!!}

I know you've seen a lot of her quilts from the book on the blog tour, but I'm going to share some of them again, because they are amazing!! 


Becca had four quilts hanging in the show at QuiltCon. This one (above) is called Flame. This is on my to-do list for sure! I used to be afraid of diamonds, but after reading the pattern, I'm empowered to make this quilt!


Isn't this fun with her standing with her Rainbow Remix quilt? I love the binding the best on this one. Love!!!


Her Ducks in a Row is one of my faves from the book!! (Have I said that I love all of them yet???) I adore how she stays true to her color loves. (TEAL!!!)


Speaking of color, I love what Becca said at her demo on Sunday at QuiltCon. She said that you may not be a fan of a certain color, but there may be a shade or tint that may speak to your soul within that hue (I'm totally paraphrasing here…forgive me!!). And that's where I started when I chose a project from her book to create!

Modern Rainbow 3

Actually, I asked Mr Gorgeous which project he would like to have, and he picked the Irish + quilt! Love!!! (disclaimer: I did give him three to choose from!!)

Modern Rainbow 2

Becca used the rainbow from the bottom to the top with lighter shades in between the darker pluses. Now, if you know me at all, you know that I have a little bit of an aversion to purple! (don't shoot me, please!!!) And I have a slight (HA!!) addiction to teal. So, using those two life-long struggles to my advantage on this project, I decided to be a bit subtle with my rainbow.

Here's my Irish +…

Modern Rainbow 7

If you look closely, you'll notice that I picked all teal fabrics that had a bit of the rainbow colors in them! I may have used teal for blue, and darker teal for indigo, but my purple is definitely in there with my Petal and Plume fabric!

Modern Rainbow 11

I soooo love this pattern. Becca is very clear with her instructions and her illustrations. It came together easily! Even with directional fabrics, it was awesome to keep the focus on the fabrics that I wanted to!

Modern Rainbow 14

I shared in yesterday's post that I'm pretty much a modern traditionalist in my quilting. This is one of the reasons I gravitated toward this pattern. Irish + is in the section called Modern Traditional Quilts. But I'm really encouraged to branch out into the other two sections: Modern Quilts & Improvisational and Liberated Quilts.

Modern Rainbow 17

And yes, there just happens to be sheep on my quilt…Surprise!!!!!

Modern Rainbow 19

One of my favorite things to do was the quilting!! I used a small meandering all the way around the darker pluses so that they would puff up after washing! I pretty much have not wanted to put this quilt down since I got it out of the dryer…which makes doing dishes a little awkward…just sayin'!

Modern Rainbow 22

So you just have to get this book!! It's beautiful, inspirational, and can make the person who hates purple actually sort out ALL of her fabrics and KEEP her purple stash close at hand!!! (yep, I do have a purple stash!!)

But wait…you could win one of Becca's books!! Stash Books is providing each of us with a book to giveaway to you!!! And international quilters can enter, too! Stash will send you an electronic copy of the book. It's beautiful…for sure!!

To enter, just leave me a comment here on this post. You can say anything you want…maybe your favorite color, or your least favorite color, or which quilt from Becca's book really speaks to your soul. Lots of options! Get to commenting!! I'll do a random generated number drawing to pick a winner on April 12th.


{My fuzzy selfie of Becca photobombing me!!! Outtakes!!}

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My next project from the book? Yep…this one!! (below)

Modern Rainbow 4

What are you going to make?



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