a rainbow preview for you…where are you in modern quilting?


Last Friday, I got the distinct honor and privilege to speak to the Greater Houston Quilt Guild about modern quilting! I was all pumped up from QuiltCon, and I was ready to really delve into the story of modern quilting…the aesthetic and the attitude!!

I had a marvelous time speaking on modern quilting, and I was super excited to spread the vision and the ideas basically straight from the Modern Quilt Guild's web site!! Special thanks to Jacquie Gering and Heather Grant for their extremely informative webinars. They gave me a fabulous place to begin in my teaching.


In both Jacquie and Heather's webinars, they speak of the continuum of modern quilting.

I realized that I would need a slide or a big banner with a picture of this continuum to explain this to the guild. Wait…a big banner? How about a quilt???


Because of Becca's new book, Modern Rainbow, (stay tuned for an exciting announcement about her blog hop!!) and because of my lack of quilts using solids, I created this fun quilt explaining the continuum of modern quilting. 

Starting at the red side (I did ROYGBIV!!!! so proud!!), the red line basically represents modern traditionalism, "or the updating of classic quilt designs" (straight from the MQG web site). As you move to your right, you keep adding different modern elements (see the list on the MQG site or visit the Houston Modern Quilt Guild where I'll be teaching on an element each month!!) and you get more and more modern!! I equate the violet part to a Jackson Pollock painting or a Schoenberg piece of music. 

Me personally? I fall in between the red and orange. And that's okay with me. As I learn more and more about the different elements of modern quilting, I'll experiment more and more!


I am completely loving researching this topic. I also love that we as a guild (Houston MQG) are exploring it month to month together!! Where do you think your quilting aesthetic falls on the continuum???

And stay tuned, because Friday, I will be showing off my Modern Rainbow project that I have been keeping hush, hush!! Hint: It is all about COLOR!!!! ♥ and maybe a plus or two! and definitely a free book giveaway!!



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