balance, creativity, and a lot of love…

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Here's a story you are going to want to hear…

It's a great story about dreams and inspiration and singing…and possibly a little bit about quilting!

There once was a little 10yo(ish) girl who wanted to be Amy Grant. She just wanted to sing and sing and sing. As a matter of fact, when she dreamed of growing up and getting married, she just knew she would marry a pianist so she would always have an accompanist to back her up! (LOL!!!)

Fast forward 35(ish) years…

And the girl has become a momma and a wife and a quilter! And she still wants to sing and sing and sing!! and sew and sew and sew…

But things happen. People need dinner! (what? every night? LOL!) Dishes need to be washed. Clothes need to be folded. Taxis need to be driven!

Scale for kids


Where is the balance?

And the story?

What's happens to the girl?


She decides that Love really is the answer! That determines her balance! If she's too busy to love, then she's too busy!


She makes time to use art supplies to show her love!


She still sews…and loves on her kitties with quilts, too!


I mean, who doesn't love anything in red and teal? Pure love right there!


I'm sure you know this is a small part of my story! Yep…and it's good for us to find a healthy balance of busy-ness so we can love those around us! 

My word this year that I'm meditating on is SAVOR. And that makes me slow down a lot. And because I've slowed down, I get to enjoy my greatest loves…my God, my family and friends, and my creativity!


 {me right before church! Join us Sun morning at Brighton!}


{me in the Texas State Capitol watching my darlings debate and campaign last weekend!}



In order to be a better ____________, you have to practice! So, I do! Right now, I'm working with a fabulous vocal coach. While working with her, I've come to realize that I need to really be mindful about every aspect of singing. It's a process. It's a journey. A really fun one, too!

I'm going to let you in on the inside. Here's a video I took several weeks ago. I've been working for several months with my dear friend, Susan, and I've really improved. But I still have a ways to go. I wanted to document that journey, too!


{the pic cracks me up! you never know where YouTube is going to freeze your video!}


And the rest of the story? 

I did marry a pianist, but not so he could accompany me; so that we could praise and sing together!! 

Stay tuned for other wild stories from our January here!


{photo by Nathan, my future son-in-law}

…like how my son is the Texas Youth Governor right now!

 So fun!



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