sleep is good for you…the quilt version

Bookquilt 11

Think about it…

Even diet plans promote more sleep!!

I think it's the year to take care of ourselves! Let's start with getting more sleep!

In that vein, let me introduce you to my huge December super secret project – the Book Quilt.

Bookquilt 1

My friend Andy and I designed it together for his wonderful wife, Donna!

Donna loves to read, to sleep and fun games (like Sodoku)! And she loves her sweet family. So Andy went onto Pinterest (yep, he still has his man card!) and pinned a bunch of images that he knew Donna would love. I went through his pins and told him what I thought I could recreate in fabric. After I picked 14 images, I sketched out the quilt on a big piece of newsprint and showed it to him. Together we tweaked a few things, and then I got to sewing!!!

See original Pinterest Board HERE!

Bookquilt 2

It took 17 days from beginning to end (after the design process), which I thought was pretty fast. I kept on task trying to finish up at least one aspect of several blocks a day. I got to work embroidering first.

Bookquilt 3

It's a big quilt…95"x95"…

Let's look at the blocks!

Bookquilt 4

Andy worked surreptitiously to get Donna's handprint and her signature! Well played, Andy, well played!

Bookquilt 5

I used selvedges to make the book spines in the bottom block "My Weekend is all Booked"

Bookquilt 6

I loved using Carrie's newsprint fabric from her Paint line!!

Bookquilt 7

Applique was also a HUGE part of this quilt along with the embroidery. My main machine doesn't really like zigzagging…because I like to go at lightening speed. But my Horizon 3160 loves it!! Yay!

Bookquilt 8


Original Paper Art found here – Princess and the Pea!!

Bookquilt 9

Check out the original print for sale HERE –

These two art blocks are my fave blocks for sure!!! There is something about taking paper art and transforming it with fabric!! Love!!

Bookquilt 13

Bookquilt 14

Bookquilt 15

Bookquilt 17

Truth…bye bye, sleep!! 🙂

Bookquilt 18

sudoku fabric from ebay! Love the internet!!!

Bookquilt 20

The original art had a different hanging lamp, but Andy and I agreed that this type of lamp was more recognizable! 

Bookquilt 21

I feel this way a lot!!!

Bookquilt 22

This is another art block I really liked doing!

All in all, it was such an enjoyable quilt to make!!! I loved the design process and the block making. And because Donna likes puzzles, I quilted with puzzle pieces in mind!

So fun!!!

Bookquilt 10


It also reminds me to get my sleep…as a matter of fact, I think I need to go lay down and read a book…ahhhhh, the blissful lives we lead!!



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