quilting with hope!


Some months ago, I came upon a wonderful facebook page called Craft Hope. It's a blog  which organizes crafters to make handmade items for charities! I've been following their page for a while, and last October, I saw their latest project: Project 25 – We are Kenya. I was really touched by this charity which Craft Hope was supporting. Then I read that they were accepting quilts for specific children in Kenya! I thought of all of the quilt tops I had that I could finish up for the charity, so I emailed and signed up to donate a quilt!

…and this quilt was finished up for Craft Hope's We are Kenya:


(above: the top before quilting)

(below: the finished quilt!)



Finishing up this quilt for a charity reminded me of how very blessed I am. I also realized how, because of the loving, caring people in this world like the people with Craft Hope and We are Kenya, the light of hope is shining in a world with bad news around every corner!


Another thing I learned through this process in November was that I love finishing quilt tops, especially tops that have been sitting there for a while! 

I have a lot of quilt tops that are ready for 2015! I hope to show you a quilt finish a month! That's saying a lot since we have a wedding to plan, but I am confident that as I put my hope in the One who orders my steps, I'll find the time to finish what needs to be finished!!

Wanna see another top ready to be finished? You've seen it before…but it's ready to be quilted for sure!

Summer Medallion Adventure finished quilt top

This is top on my list…

But first, I'm going to finish up some charity tops for the Houston Modern Quilt Guild charity challenge this month!

What are you hoping for this year? finished quilts? a better world? more time? 

2015 is our year!!!



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