aprons, bridesmaids, and smiling!


During Christmastime, I did get the chance to make some little things for fun! This cute little embroidery hoop was for a fun swap that I enjoyed participating in. The girlie who I made this for loves the movie Elf as do I!!! And this is one of my very fave quotes from Elf!

Smiling really is one of my favorites!!

Bride and mob and mog

This past weekend I smiled with my oldest daughter and her future mother-in-law at the Bridal Extravaganza. My momma and my Emma also joined us! Wow, there is a lot to plan in a wedding, for sure. But even after seeing all of the booths at the show, we were still smiling!

One of the things Cora did last week was ask her bridal party to be in the wedding. She and I decided to make each person a little apron! She hand lettered all of their names on a card and hand lettered and painted the card to ask them to be in the wedding. I think I am going to love all of these sweet little touches that she has planned and is planning!


We did half size aprons for all of the girlies except for the maid of honor who got a full apron! Can you tell Cora's colors are navy and gold?


She also made them little baby bouquets of flowers. Ohhhh, she loves flowers! Does anyone have a big flower garden we can borrow for four hours that can hold 300 people? 

Can you tell what we need to do next? Yep, we need a venue! 

Keep following along! I have a lot more fun wedding and non-wedding inspiration planned here!! 



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