{FALL in love with your home – the great pantry overhaul!}


Ohhhh, you've been waiting all weekend to see the big reveal! 

We've actually been enjoying the awesome benefits of completely cleaning out the whole pantry! We can find the foods that we like!!!! :) 

I can cook things like this:

Awesome food

{Cheesy Chili Spaghetti Squash Casserole from I Breathe I'm Hungry}

Instead of this:

Bad food

{my childhood right there!!! I ate a box of Count Chocula pretty much every week!!}

So, remember where we started?

Pantry 1

And here's mid-process…

Pantry 1

That's after I checked pretty much every date on each food item…

and found stuff like this that I threw out:

Old cream of wheat

I had a toddler in December 2005!!!!! (I guess I had a toddler who didn't like Cream of Wheat! LOL!!!)

Anyway, here's the big reveal…

Pantry 3


All families have food idiosyncracies, so don't judge! LOL!!!

We are learning how to eat a LOT heathier, but I do allow some splurging (thus, the soda!)…

Pantry 4



Pantry 6

The teal bin next to the soda is our tea/hot chocolate bin. The basket on the floor is Mr Gorgeous's Quick Weight Loss Center suppliments/snacks. The box that says litter is actually cat food! 

I only bought a few things for the pantry. I already had all of the wire baskets; some I got from Kroger (on sale, of course!); I got the two teal ones from Home Goods. The wickerish baskets I got from the dollar store specifically for the pantry.

Hooks in pantry

I also got this hook thingy from the dollar store…

Pantry 2

I did buy two of these little shelves from Kroger to organize my cans. I already had the lazy susan  (bought from Ikea) too! So, I didn't spend much, maybe around $25!!

BTW, for all who are asking (LOL!!!!!!!!), I buy my tomato sauce from Costco in bulk…lots cheaper, and usually, I make my own spaghetti sauce. And of course, chili season is coming!!! oh baby, that homemade chili is going to taste good!!!

Pantry 5

I'm so pleased with how it came out! And I'm not going to wait as long to clean things out again!!! I'm motivated to elaborately cook…if only it didn't cut into my sewing time!!!!!!

And here's the next project! 

Closet project 1

Again…don't judge!!! eeeeek! 

This is a partial picture of my closet!! How many people share pics of their closets? HashtagAuthenticLife!!!

I will admit that after lots of research on what to get to organize the clothes better, I went ahead with this option from the Container Store:

Closet project 2

I can't wait to finish this up so I can have fast access to my clothes!

Closet project 3

While organizing the chaos of my clothes, I'm trying to sew some more new fun things to wear, using fabrics I have collected! I hope to post a bunch of newness on Friday!!!! Yay~


This week is the start of Fall Quilt Market! I hope to take a little bit of down time to post pics from there!!! 🙂 This is from last year…Brooke and Julie and I will be together again starting this Thursday!!! yay!!!

Get ready for some quilty fun! ♥

Are you falling in love with your space, too??? Just do it!!



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