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You've met my friend, Carrie of Such Designs

She's an amazing artist with so much talent!! Her range of artistic talents span so many genres, but what I'm going to talk about today is her teaching talent!



{pic via the quilted fish on instagram}

I even got the blessing of hearing her speak and teach via skype at Find Your Lula a few weeks ago!! 

Such designs

A new product of Carrie's is her new DVD, Art Techniques for Quilt Design from Interweave. This DVD is awesome. Carrie starts with the basics of art design (something I absolutely loved listening to and learning!!) and moves through the process of designing a quilt, all the way to making the quilt. She touches on several process techniques and philosophies that I love! For example, using your children's art work as inspiration; or using a glue stick for adhering appliqued fabric; Also, something we talked about at length at Lula – how avoiding perfectionism can inspire a good piece of art (or quilt!). How to be free and design from your gut…

You can purchase the DVD from the link above. But first, you have two chances to win one over at Carrie's blog!! So head on over there and enter to win one of two DVDs!!! 

Also, if you want to know more about the DVD, check out the list on Carrie's blog of all of the other bloggers reviewing it this week!

…and after you watch it, go create something FABULOUS!!! I know I'm going to!!



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