{summer medallion adventure – final edition Part 1!!}


And just like that, the summer is over…

And my time is once again wildly parsed out into the world of many activities!

But that's okay!!! Because I've finished my Marcelle Medallion quilt top…

…and I have a deadline to finish the whole quilt! yay!!!

Are you ready?????

*drumroll, please*

Summer Medallion Adventure finished quilt top

This is Part 1 of the final edition, because I will show off the actual quilted quilt all bound and snuggly in the next month and a half…

My deadline for finishing up is October 20th! Why such a random date, you ask?

Well, my darling friends Brooke and Julie are coming to Houston that next weekend to celebrate the International Quilt Fall Market, and I want to show it off to them in person all finished!! 

Marcelle medallion summer adventure

I also will want to snuggle under it on the couch while watching football, and it usually doesn't really get cold in Houston until about then…late October. (Okay, confession: my family keeps the fan on in the living room, and I freeze while lounging on the couch right now…thus, lots of quilts around to keep me warm, right????)

How did you do on the Quilt-Along? We're talking about planning another one!! We won't start right away. Brooke and I have a lot of market sewing and other shop projects we are working on right now. 

But if we were to do another one, is there something you want to make together? A fun neato quilt pattern you've been dying to start, but you need accountability to keep it going to the end? Comment and let us know! I have a few ideas of quilts I want to whip up, too!!

Find your lula

{Find Your Lula – img src}

For the next few weeks, I'll be immersed in several projects including a creative retreat to Utah called Find Your Lula!! I'm super excited about this time of refreshing and seeking direction for my creativity. We've already had photography prompts and illustrator lessons!!! what? So fun!! 

One of my goals is to be able to share better tutorials and patterns to bless you, my darling readers!! There are so many aspects to my creativity, and a little bit (okay, a LOT!) of focus will only help!! 

Stay tuned for lots of creative sharing right here! I'll probably take next week off from blogging (kinda like last week??? what????) But this week, I'll be here!

Don't forget to create using this sweet pattern…


Everyone who posts a link to a project using this pattern will receive a charm pack!! yay! You have until October 1st!! (hint: If it's hard to figure out, I'll post an actual pattern when I get back from Utah!)

Also, I'll be posting my Merry and Bright August random comment winner tomorrow, and I'll show you some fun sneaky peeks of what I'm doing this week, too!!!

I hope your fall is as full of inspiration, creativity and HOPE as mine is!! ♥




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