Mixtape quilt

September 30th… 

the end of a month…

the beginning of a season…

Is it going fast for you, too???

Wanna see something scary????

Check out this LINK… 85 days, 14 hours, 20 minutes, ? seconds…I can't type that fast!!!

As usual, I'm embracing every second (and wishing there were more…and that they were going slower!!! eeeeeek!!)…

Enough whining about time…let's celebrate the now!!!

Most excellent family

This is me and my family at a wedding last weekend! We had a wonderful time! and boy, it is so fun to get all gussied up and beautiful!!!

I'll share this Friday about my gift to the bride and groom! I'm super excited about it!!!


Speaking of gifts, I received some awesome fabric from a dear guild friend!! I gave her some fabric from a line she was using for her scrappy trip along, and she returned the favor…

Fun fabrics

But also…she travels to the UK for her job, so she got me these across the pond!!!

Penguin fabric

(Q's Christmas bow tie fabric!!!!)

Dashwood fabric love

I keep seeing this fabric in UK mags and wanting it!! and she brought it to me!!!! yay!!!

Dashwood fabric2

Thanks, Tina!!! You are a sweetheart! ♥


How is your pillow top coming along????


I'm going to give you through Friday to post links (you don't have to post until tomorrow! I'll have a linky party!) so we can all have fun charm packs to play with!!

Yep, post a link to your pillow using this pattern and I will send you a charm pack! yay!!!


Yep! It'll be fun!!! I'm almost ready to show mine off!!!

I can't wait to see what word you picked!!!


Here's my new series here on the blog for the month of October!


Some inspiration on Mondays…because we all need inspiration on Monday, right???

I'll show you a spot in my house that I want to organize or decorate or fix up, and then the next Monday, you'll see it all fixed up with fun ideas!!! 

This week we are working on my pantry! ugh! check out these before pics!!!

Pantry 1


(the Tidy Cat is actually cat food!)

Pantry 2

Pantry 3

One of the things I'll be focused on is fixing my home up on a budget, meaning spending freeze!!! I'm ready to focus on the many, many blessings I have instead of being discontent and want, want, want! 

I hope you'll be inspired and have hope for making your own nest a beautiful refuge for you and your family to enjoy! 

Don't worry! There will be many quilted forays in this endeavor!! What's a pantry without great basket liners, etc…?

Happy almost October!! 

Thanks for celebrating with me!



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