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Happy Wednesday!! 

Yep, today, I'm working on my coffee…slowly! 

Sometimes, I get going and just can't wrap my brain around anything! This is one reason why I have set blog posts each day of the week, so that the routine will help me remember what I'm doing that day. Well, this week is prep week for school, and only coffee is going to help me get through that!

And today my work in progress is getting books together… ๐Ÿ™‚


School books 5

School books 3

School books 1

School books 4

See any you are reading this year? 

I always have the great intention of reading along with my kiddos while they take their outside classes. I start with gusto and then remember a quilt deadline I have, and then I'm out of it! This year will be different. I've told them I'm riding them all the way this semester. I'll be working along side of them like I've never done before (claiming this outloud will help me to not get distracted too much by my beautiful craft studio, right?). And I expect some awesome deep theological worldview discussions to come out of it! 

I'm excited about this year of books and learning we are doing in our homeschooling! But don't fear!! There will be plenty of quilting and crafting on the blog still! I can't stop pinning things to my "quilts i want to make" board or my "stuff i want to make" board! Oh Pinterest!!

Btw, I can't help sharing this pic of new fabric I got from CJ's Quilts to do a fun little impromptu star quilt…


See? I can't get away from new fun WIPs!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

What are you working on finishing this week???? 

I'm linking to Lee's WIP Wednesdays!



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