{summer medallion adventure – there is progress in these here parts!!}


Before I give you the downlow on our Summer Medallion Adventure, I get to announce my winner for my Emma's Garden Giveaway!!


And the winner (picked by Mr Random) is… comment #12…



Watch that mailbox, Karri!!! Yay!!!

And thanks for all of your wonderful comments. Isn't Patty's fabric the best? I had to get me a stack of half yards in Blush to make more fun stuff…Keep watching here for more projects out of Emma's Garden!!


As today is our first day of school, I have been a bit under the gun with all of my committments! And I've been doing even more than I thought I would at this time. It sure is making me focus a LOT!!! 

I've been doing stuff like…


recording with my band in the studio…


having surprise birthday parties thrown for me!!!


{here's Hilary's pic from the HMQG meeting last Saturday}

…playing Fat Quarter Bingo with a bunch of darling quilty friends!!

And…I have managed to get a couple of cross border blocks done for my Summer Medallion Quilt Along!!! eeeeek!!

Summer Medallion QA5

 I am loving using solids for the crosses and my fun low volume stack that I've used throughout the quilt…

Summer Medallion QA3

Summer Medallion QA4

As you can see, I have a ways to go…about 24 blocks, to be exact. But little by little this week, I should have this border and border 8 done!

And I wanted to invite you to do two additional borders with me!

Over at Lucy and Norman, a fun blog, Megan has posted her finished Marcelle Medallion, and she added two borders. I'm going to artistically copy her!! You can join me! (We aren't plagerizing, because we aren't selling the pattern, and we are totally giving her credit for the other two borders!)

Summer Medallion QA2

Here's how I'm doing to the last two borders (a la Lucy and Norman):

My last border (border 8) should measure out to be 57" square. If yours doesn't, measure it and divide one side by 12. That is your finished block size for border 9! My finished block size is 4 3/4" blocks.

Border 9: Cut 52 squares at 5 1/4". Sew 12 together and then sew it to the side of your quilt. Do the same for your other side. Then sew 14 together and attach to the top of your quilt. Do the same for the bottom. 

Border 10: Cut random 1.5" strips of low volume fabric (You may have these laying around from your cross blocks like me!). Sew them together on the ends and then attach to the top and bottom of your quilt. (You can follow the directions for border 5 except only use one strip of bricks!!) Join more together for your sides, adding a 1.5" cornerstone block at the ends (HINT: Do this after you've measured the finished length of your sides!!)

Summer Medallion QA1

I hope you join me in finishing your quilt top this week so we can discuss quilting next Monday!!! yay!!! We've got to hurry (in a non-stressful way, of course!!)…summer is almost over!!! eeeeek!!!

Enjoy your process!!!!



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