{summer medallion adventure – are we there yet??}


Is our top done yet?????

In my house, the answer is no!! I'm looking for some extra moments to sew! I have four projects I really need to get done in the next few days! Luckily, tomorrow is a sewing day! yay!!!

While we wait, here's where my quilt is…

Sallys angelworks SMA

Summer Medallion QA2

Oh time, where have you gone????

To these beauties…

My babies

{my babies in Boston in April 2014}

They are worth taking care of, especially at the beginning of the school year! 

But it will be at the expense of creating! Creating a blessed life definitely includes nurturing our loved ones, and I am so very thankful for each one of these little faces!!

I'm praying for some focused sewing time this week! I have two stash bee blocks to send out and two new quilt patterns to test, along with my Summer Medallion Adventure!


And don't forget our Merry and Bright August! We are pulling up to the finish line! Let's finish well! Tomorrow, food!!! ♥♥♥


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