{a merry and bright august – the final edition!}


Ohhhhhh it's so sad!!! This is it for my Christmas in August fling here on the blog!!! Kind of, anyway! I will be posting Christmas projects from now until December 25th for sure!

And today's project is so awesome!!! And a big learning experience!!

Chalkboard Christmas

I started with these fabulous fabrics, Chalkboard Christmas designed by Melissa Ybarra with Iza Pearl Designs! 

Chalkboard Christmas Table Topper 4

And I finished with this!! 

A Chalkboard Christmas Table Topper!

Comment if you want to have a PDF pattern for this topper!! It's made up of strips and half-square triangles. Not too hard.

Okay…confession time!! (I think I say this a lot!! Stop me if you've heard this.)

I messed up while sewing this together. 

So, I came to a spot where I had to make a decision. Rip about 8 – 1" blocks apart or just suck it up and see how you can salvage it after sewing the next strip on. 

Confession: I am not a perfectionist. 

Chalkboard Christmas Table Topper 10

When making that decision, though, I had to take a few things in consideration:


  1. Am I keeping this?
  2. Is it a gift?
  3. Am I going to sell it?
  4. Will the mistake bug me and keep me up at night?
  5. Should the mistake bug me and keep me up at night?
  6. Am I going to try to enter the piece in a contest or show?
  7. Will mr gorgeous still love it?


and the best question…

Can I cover the mistake with buttons?

In most cases, the answer to the last question is yes. I actually took buttons to my work to sew them over my mistakes, but alas, I had forgotten a needle! 

I am not a perfectionist!

Chalkboard Christmas Table Topper 1

But that's okay…in most cases!!

Chalkboard Christmas Table Topper 7

I love the swirly quilting on this piece!!

Chalkboard Christmas Table Topper 5

It makes me think of snow!!!

Chalkboard Christmas Table Topper 11

Before quilting…

Chalkboard Christmas Table Topper 4

After quilting! And the binding? I followed Becca's tutorial that she taught us at this month's Houston Modern Quilt Guild meeting for machine binding. It took me 15 minutes to put this binding on. The only thing I would do differently is to maybe use matching thread OR a longer stitch with the white thread. But otherwise, it was soooooooo fast!!!!!!! And I think it looks pretty darn good!!!

Chalkboard Christmas Table Topper 2

Those words…sigh!!! LOVE!!!! 

Let me know if you want a pattern!!


Here's where I wrap things up!! (get it???)


What a blessing to start on Christmas early! And I so appreciate all of my readers and friends that have joined me here and encouraged me on!!!

1. If you still want to enter to win two charm packs of 25th and Pine by Basic Grey, comment on any post that is in the Merry and Bright August category!

2. Also, if you want to guarantee getting one charm pack shipped to you FREE, join me in creating this pillow!


 I'm extending the date (because real life hit and I overestimated my finishing ability!! LOL!!) to October 1st! It doesn't need to be quilted. It can be a mini quilt if you'd rather! You can have your squares measure anything you want (equally, you know! LOL!!). Mine are 3" finished. So it's going to be a big blue Christmassy pillow for us!! 🙂 (love!) Post a link to your pic in any merry and bright post!! Make sure you let me know it's a link to your pillow top! ♥

3. Make sure you sign up for the newsletter! I have some fun things coming up, other blog series, and announcements for new products in the etsy shop, plus free patterns! yay!!!

I hope I've inspired a little bit of the season in your lives and gotten you ready to craft for your gifts and decorations this year! You've inspired me to continue crafting!! yay!!



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