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Happy Tuesday!!!

I'm sad that this is my last week in this fun Christmas series!! I hope and pray that you have been blessed and have been motivated to start early on your Christmas gifts and decorations!!! I sure have!

Chevron ruffle laminate apron 6

Today, I have a great treat for you!! Two aprons that I made pretty quickly! You can, too!!

A while ago, I asked the girlies over at Riley Blake if I could have some Laminate fabric to make a waterproof apron for me and my crazy splashy dish washing!!

A couple of weeks ago, I got a sweet envelope in the mail from Riley Blake with gorgeous aqua chevron laminate! I rejoiced and set to making myself a waterproof apron!


Remember this apron? (tutorial linked to the pic)

I took this tutorial and changed it up a little!!

Chevron ruffle laminate apron 2

Basically, if you add up the measurements of top three fabrics, it equals 23.5" width. Then the bottom three = 8.5". Instead of sewing 6 layers together, I sewed two layers + three ruffle strips.

Chevron ruffle laminate apron 4

The top layer is a piece of laminate that measures 23.5"x34".

The bottom layer is a piece of muslin that measures 8.5"x34".

Chevron ruffle laminate apron 1

To add the ruffles, cut 2 strips WOF 2" wide and gather the top with a gathering stitch. Pin the strips to the muslin however you'd like them to look! Sew!!

Chevron ruffle laminate apron 7

Sew the two parts together (laminate and ruffle piece) and follow the rest of the tutorial!

Chevron ruffle laminate apron 8

One of the reasons I created this apron this way is to wear it high on the body so your tummy doesn't get all wet from your splashy dish washing!! LOL!! Also, this is the way Julia Child wore her aprons!!

julia child quote

{image source here}

Oh you want another apron? I'd be happy to share one with you!!!

Jenny eliza apron2

This is my new Jenny Eliza Reversible Apron! I love that you can turn it around and I love Jenny Eliza, fabric that is more of Jennifer Paganelli's beautiful designs!

Jenny eliza apron5

Super easy, too!!!

Take two half yards of fabric (preferably Jenny Eliza by SisBoom from JoAnn Fabrics) and sew them right sides together all around leaving a hole to turn it right side out. Turn it right side out and sew around the whole piece catching the opening in the seam.


Apron construction 2

Take your piece and fold it in half. Put a pin about 2inches from the fold.

Apron construction1

Fold each side to the middle fold and put two pins about 1.5" from the fold. 

Open your piece with the pins holding the pleats together. Sew where the pins are about 2 inches down. 

Apron construction 3


Apron construction 4

Open out your piece and flatten your pleats and iron! Then you can sew across the top of the piece to set the pleats.

Time for the straps. Cut two 2" strips WOF. Sew them right sides together leaving the ends open. Turn your tube right side out and fold in the ends. Press. Cut the strap in two and press the ends in. Sew all around both straps. Sew them on the top right and left edge of the top.

Cut another strip 3.5" and fold it right sides together and sew! Leave one side open. Turn it right side out. Fold in the open end, press and sew. Cut it in half and set aside for the top!

Now, let's quickly make the top part. Fold a piece of fabric in half so that it measures 14" square (you are starting with a 28"x14"). Put the fold on the bottom, and mark the top in from each edge 3.25" on either side! Draw a line from that mark down to the bottom corner. Repeat on the other side (you are basically sewing a trapezoid!). Sew the sides and turn it right side out.

Apron construction 5

Fold in the top raw edge and place your raw edges of your straps inside against the folded corners. Sew along the top of the edge to secure the straps and the open edge! 

Sew the top piece to the bottom matching the middles of each, pinning and sewing!

Jenny eliza apron8

Because I finished the bottom of the top, it's totally reversible!

Jenny eliza apron6


Jenny eliza apron9

So sweet!!!!

What is your favorite cookbook that you are cooking out of?

I'm loving this one…

Product Details

Giada's Feel Good Food

There's a recipe for an awesome arugula-lemon sauce that Mr Gorgeous loves on his salmon!! I actually don't eat seafood, but as of this year, I cook it! I'm expanding my horizons…a regular renaissance woman!

I also love any Weight Watcher cookbook!! LOL!!! They do the hard work for me.

But it isn't really any fun to cook without a cool apron!! I hope these two above (really, three, counting the Valencia Thankful apron above!!) have inspired you to cook and to cook up some aprons! ♥

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What are you cooking up today???

Don't forget to comment to enter to win two charm packs!!



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