{a merry and bright august – my birthday edition!}


Imagine for one day you can do anything in the whole world you want to do…

what would you do?

There are obviously going to be a gob of different answers to this question!! But I'll tell you what…I have been blessed today to do that very thing…

because it's my birthday!!


Actually, let's be real…I've spent probably 2 hours in the craft studio…not crafting, sewing, or anything like that. I've been on the laptop answering my birthday messages on Facebook! What a blessing to have sweet friends who care enough to stop and wish me the very best today! I am so thankful for those surrounding me!!

I also went to lunch with my two youngest children and my sweet mom! What a blessing to have my mom close by! 

We went to Kroger because our cupboard was seriously bare!! What? Going to the grocery store is on my most wanted list? Well, loving my family is on my most wanted list!! And right now, that is loving my family!! And what a blessing it is to be able to hop in your car and get groceries!!! so very thankful! 

We also went to one of my fave quilt stores, CJ's in Richmond.

Red and white fabric

yep, I bought red and white Christmas fabrics! Perfect for making something cool for this series today!! Except I can't finish it and make it and photograph it and post all about it before a reasonable hour today…especially since I'm going out to dinner with my whole family!!!

And now, while I wait for us all to celebrate, I get to interact with you! I get to share with you some fun ideas for Christmas decorations. It may not be much today, but know that it's what I love doing. 

Five Christmas Quilts we need to make (and finish!!!) !!!


Here's the link to this Little Trees Quilt!!

Honor Christmas Sally's Angelworks 1

This is my reverse applique Honor Christmas Quilt! {pattern coming soon!!!}

Honor Christmas Sally's Angelworks2

Embroidery in the middle block!!!

Deck the Halls 1

Deck the Walls!!! Love this quilt!!! {get the pattern here!}

Alpine Wonderland 1

My Alpine Wonderland Quilt! {Pattern coming soon!!}

Alpine Wonderland 2

Ohhhhh this quilt! yum!!!

And for today…

Patchwork 1

Grab a bunch of charm packs of 25th and Pine, really mix them up, and make a huge random awesome patchwork quilt!!! Add several neutral charm packs, too!! Use chain piecing and put on your fave pandora channel (mine involves a lot of cello music!!!) and sew, sew, sew!!!

Quilt it however you want to, bind it up and you have a snugly quilt for Christmas! yay!!

Let's make a pact:

You and I…we're going to finish up some of our UFCOs (UnFinished Christmas Objects!!)in the next few weeks! Remember, I'm doing what I want today because it's my birthday!! And I say you can, too!!!

Tomorrow is Finish it Friday…let's see some finished Christmas quilts! (my finishes actually can be called Christmas if you want!!!)


Don't forget to comment to enter to win!!!

Blessings on you this fine day!!!! And thanks for making it the best birthday ever!!



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    Happy Birthday! August is a great month, mine was the 8th.
    Great ideas today.

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    Happy Happy Birthday Blessings to You!!! Sounds like you had a Special day & lots of Fun!!

    Love your Christmas quilt ideas…and definitely plan to make one for us this year! thanks for the Inspiration!! 🙂

  3. Reply

    Happy Happy Birthday!

  4. Reply

    Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a great day with family.

  5. Reply

    Happy Birthday! I need to start some Christmas projects! Love the Little Trees Quilt.

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    Happy birthday. It is lovely to feel blessed. I really enjoyed seeing your little corner with your table and sewing things around. I am in love with the thread spool holder on the wall! The Christmas quilts are fun, would you believe I have never made a Christmas quilt so maybe this should be the year. x

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    Happy Birthday – I hope you had a fabulous day!
    I love the Little Trees quilt!

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    Happy Birthday. I’m working on Christmas table runners this week. Still playing with layouts. Love working on Christmas projects.

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    Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday! My youngest son, who is headed off to college for his freshman year, is turning 19 today. He has a fun day planned, doing just what he wants to do! I loved seeing your Christmas projects. It makes me want to drag out all my Christmas patterns and fabrics and get started on something! I think I’ll do just that to keep myself busy this fall so I won’t miss my ‘baby’ so much!

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    happy birthday

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