{wips wednesday…the summer continues…}


Yep, my list is active today!! Today, I put my baby girlie (oldest!!) on a plane to the UK, so all of the prep we have done for that trip is behind us (look for a fun clothing post on Friday!!), and it's time now to get some quilts cranked out! yay!!!

So, as per the list up above, here are some pics of what I'm working on this week!


My StashBee block for RobinSue!


the Bass Quilt (this is what I'm calling it…you'll see why soon!!)


I am loving designing this quilt/tabletopper/mat/whateverIwantToCallIt!! Stay tuned for a VERY fun blog hop using Gina Martin's Folk Christmas!! (read about it on Gina's blog!!)


the ongoing Marcelle Summer Medallion Adventure! I got my borders set up to sew!!! yay!!


Cora isn't the only one who gets new clothes this summer!! I'm super excited that Julie has knits in her store now!! I've got some fun places to go this weekend, so I'm whipping up a dress for me…now, should I make the long or the short dress?


These panels are going to be sewn up and sent to the stores I'm making them for VERY SOON!!! yay!!! 

Whew!!! I've got to get to sewing!! What does your WIP list look like?

I'm linking up to Lee's WIP Wednesdays!



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