{tips for busy quilters!}

Sally's Angelworks scrappy trip along2

Here's a fun blog post for your Tuesday pleasure…

Tips for busy quilters!!

1. Have a lot of fabric from which you can choose your projects.

Sally's Angelworks scrappy trip along

2. When you find a project you want to do, set aside your fabrics.

For example, when all the instagram rage was the Scrappy Trip Along, I bookmarked the tutorial site (HERE) and then started looking for jelly rolls from which I wanted to make this quilt…I bought two Sweetwater jelly rolls, one of Noteworthy and one of Road Trip specifically for this project.

HMQG scrappy trip along

3. When other quilters want to get together to do the same project, join them!!!

At our quilt guild meeting, we had a fellow member, Cathy teach us how to do the Scrappy Trip Along. I was super excited to already have the fabrics stashed and the project ready to go and the time set aside to sew!! Even though I'm in the middle of a bunch of deadline projects, I already had Saturday set aside for the HMQG. 

HMQG scrappy trip along 3

{other projects from the guild}

4. Enjoy the process!! And set a deadline for yourself! I am hoping to have this finished soon…but if I leave my deadline (soon!) like that (without definition), it won't be finished this year!! So I'm setting the next HMQG meeting (August 16th) as my deadline!! yay!!!

Stay tuned right here on the blog to see my progress! ♥



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