{summer medallion adventure – the sauntering version}


What an awesome project this is, huh?

I am loving, loving, loving it!! 

Here's where I am so far…

Summer Medallion Adven border 4-1

I have finished border 4 – the flying geese border…

I know some may have the geese in a holding pattern…(okay, that really was Brooke's pun!), and that's totally okay! Sometimes summer is crazy! I'm just so thankful that I may have this done before we start school again!!! (Homeschoolers often have reverse thinking when it comes to summer and children and school starting, etc!!! :))

This week, we are going to start thinking (and doing if you are there!)
about the 5th border! The bricks. I've picked out 23 new fabrics from which to make 4 bricks each…

Fabrics for border 5 marcelle medallion

Brooke also had a great tip about using the same fabrics that you used for border 4!! 

What makes you pick certain fabrics for your Marcelle Medallion quilt? I am trying to coordinate a bit with the aquas and the burnt yellows, with a hint of pink. This has been so fun to dig in my stash and find lots of different fabrics from which to choose. And it makes me fall in love with each border as I sew it on. 

This particular border will be heavy on the blues and aquas…which I'm totally okay with!!

Sally's angelworks SMA

Remember, keep breathing as you sew and as you plan. The journey is the best part!!!

If you have any questions or comments about our Summer Medallion Adventure, post in our FB group!! (Or comment here!! 🙂 )



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