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Today is the day!! I get to share my fun new Christmas quilt made from Gina Martin's beautiful Folk Art Holiday Fabric!



Here's what we are doing! Each day you can go to one of these blogs and enjoy a new project and another chance to win fabrics!!! Here's the schedule again:


Folk christmas jelly roll

In a minute, I'm going to tell you how you can win this jelly roll!! ♥ Stay tuned through the fun quilt tutorial!!


Sallys Angelworks sheep

Always start a fun tutorial out with a sheep…just sayin'…

Here's what we are making:

Merry and bright sally's angelworks9

Merry and Bright Quilt! 

First of all, you can have a bigger lap quilt by making 15" blocks or you can have a smaller table topper by making 8" blocks. 

I made 12" (finished) blocks!!

Cut 9 blocks whatever your finished blocks size is. I cut 4 solid red woodgrain 12.5" blocks, 1 solid gray woodgrain 12.5" block, and 4 patterned 12.5" blocks.


Find four of your favorite applique patterns! There are a bunch of free ones online. I particularly like this book, Inspired by Tradition for several reasons! First of all, the author is so sweet! I met her several years ago at a quilt market. The book also comes with a CD with several different block sizes, and it comes with detailed versions of how to do the different types of applique! I used two different kinds in this quilt. And it also has 50 different blocks to choose from! wow!!!

Here are my appliqued blocks. I used raw edge applique (using heat and bond fusible web for the applique):

Merry and bright sally's angelworks3

I did zigzag edging only on the berries on the leaves on this block. Otherwise I did single stitch edging on the rest of the applique.

Merry and bright sally's angelworks4

Merry and bright sally's angelworks7

On the block below, I did needle turn with the help of interfacing. It's a cool technique that helps turn those quarter inch edges. 

Merry and bright sally's angelworks5

Merry and bright sally's angelworks6

I still did the berries with raw edge stitching. I love the way these applique blocks came out!!

Merry and bright sally's angelworks2

For your middle block, grab a sketch pad and start writing! Use different types of letting styles to write your words. You can use a word processing program to use different fonts to print your own copy to trace. After you've settled on how you want your text to look, trace it onto your grey block and embroider away!! (As I mentioned in a previous post, I'm taking a lettering class here at CD Muckosky's site! It's really enhancing my embroidery text for sure!!)

If you aren't happy with any other fonts or your writing, I've uploaded a rough copy of my version for you to trace! Download that HERE!

Merry and bright sally's angelworks1

This quilt is basically one big nine patch with 4.5" borders (4" finished). Sew together your blocks in rows and then sew the rows together.

Sew on your 4.5" x WOF borders (If you do 12" finished blocks, you'll need one extra strip to help finish the long ends of your borders!)! Make your quilt sandwich, and get to quilting. 

Merry and bright sally's angelworks8

Some quilting tips:

  • You can wait to do the raw edge quilting until you have your sandwich together and use that to quilt!
  • The smaller the meandering is, the more the embroidery sticks out!
  • Choose something interesting for your borders. If you have time, practice on some quilt sandwiches.

Bind that  sucker and you have yourself a quilt! ♥


Thanks for sticking with me through this whole post!

Folk christmas jelly roll

In order to enter to win this awesome Folk Art Holiday jelly roll, leave a comment here on this post! Let me know when you start sewing for Christmas!! I usually start in August, so I'm already ahead this year!! You can get an extra comment entry by liking Sally's Angelworks on Facebook!! yay!! (leave a separate comment, please!!)

Thanks, Gina Martin so much for sponsoring this post and this fun blog hop! Can't wait to see what everyone else makes with this awesome fabric!!

Happy Christmas Crafting!!

{i'm also linking up with crazy mom quilts' finish it up friday!!}



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    I’m already sewing for Christmas. I start about mid July because I am really s-l-o-w when it comes to getting projects done. Thanks for the chance to win some of this beautiful fabric.

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    HI,starting some Christmas projects now>will make a Tree Skirt for our oldest daughter and assembling that! Thanks for you post+giveaway!

  4. Reply

    Wow, your quilt is really beautiful! I sew for Christmas all year long. Once I get something done, the hard part is resisting the urge to give it to the intended recipient right away. Sometimes I get pretty excited about things.

  5. Reply

    Oh my goodness, your Christmas quilt is absolutely divine! I love it!!! Outstanding job and super duper inspiring!!! Thanks for sharing and being a part of this great hop!
    I start my Christmas sewing projects at any time of the year and have already made one dress for my niece that will be one of her Christmas gifts this year. So I guess I’m a bit ahead at this point too, yay! 🙂

  6. Reply

    I now LIKE Sally Angelworks on Facebook! 😀 Thanks!

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    Beautiful quilt. I always have good intentions to start early but usually don’t start til Nov.

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    I just liked your FB page.

  9. Reply

    I love your awesome quilt. I try to start sewing by at least October.

  10. Reply

    Thanks Sally !
    I don’t usually start till October!

  11. Reply

    I like you on facebook !!

  12. Reply

    I liked you on facebook !

  13. Reply

    I love your appliqued block and the way they come together in your quilt. Beautiful! I usually start sewing for Christmas around October. Thanks!

  14. Reply

    I start sewing for Christmas in the early fall.

  15. Reply

    This year I started sewing for Christmas in April because I knew I would be interrupted with moving in August. I will finally have a sewing studio!

  16. Reply

    Around September

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    I like you on fb

  18. Reply

    I usually get ideas and start sewing in November. I know that is too late to finish all of my ideas…but it happens.

  19. Reply

    I follow you on Bloglovin.

  20. Reply

    Oops – sorry. You are not on Bloglovin.

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    It depends on what I want to make and if I have to right fabric, then I will make it early. Usually I see something I like in September/October, have to look for the right fabric, then IF I find it, I try to get it done before the holidays. Or the next year.

  22. Reply

    I usually start sewing for Christmas in June

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    I like you on FB!

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    I usually wait until the last minute. This year I am starting early to help me pass the time My husband passed away last December so to pass the time I am learning applique. This was post was a great one for me . Thank you

  25. Reply

    I already follow you on facebook

  26. Reply

    Gorgeous Sally!

  27. Reply

    I love the embroidered centre. I can’t tell you when I start sewing for christmas, because I’ve never done any. I might this year, but I’m not sure what or when.

  28. Reply

    I usually start sewing for Christmas much earlier but this year I haven’t even started though I have been gathering ideas for gifts. It’s a good thing I only have a small Christmas list. Thanks for the giveaway and the chance to win!

  29. Reply

    This is gorgeous! Need to get started on my stockings soon!

  30. Reply

    Liked you on Facebook 🙂

  31. Reply

    Oh and I just started sewing this year so when I start my stockings that’ll be when I start sewing for Christmas. Lol. Yay for new traditions!

  32. Reply

    I start right after the 4th of July….. All my gifts are shipped out of state, so I need to get things done early!

  33. Reply

    I also like you on FaceBook!

  34. Reply

    I am always sewing for Christmas. I never use Christmas themed fabrics.

  35. Reply

    I am already sewing for Christmas now too…have alot to sew for….so must get early start!! Am slooow, but right now doing pretty good! lol

    LOVE your Quilt…and Thank you soooo much for sharing the Tutorial!!

    Ohio Hugs!!! 🙂

  36. Reply

    your work is amazing as always Sally 🙂 I don’t usually start until December!!

  37. Reply

    when I start depends on how many projects I plan to sew and how much time it will take to complete them. In the past I have started as early as January or as late as a week before Christmas. Always love the last minute projects.

  38. Reply

    I think it’s a great idea to always start a tutorial with a sheep! Thanks for sharing your beautiful projects. I usually don’t get my Christmas sewing started until December, because in November I’m still finishing the previous summer’s birthday presents. 🙂

  39. Reply

    Your quilt turned out wonderful! One block would be a great framed picture. I start whenever the mood hits me. It hasn’t yet.

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    It’s a really nice quilt ! Love the applique blocks ! I’ve never did any quilt for Christmas, because I’m a beginner, but this year, I think I’ll start a little project in september !! Thank for playing !

  41. Reply

    I have to say I just sew for Christmas when or if the inspiration strikes! Could be at any time of the year! Thanks for sharing your gorgeous quilt.

  42. Reply

    I usually start in October and work like mad till Christmas.

  43. Reply

    I usually start sewing for Christmas as early as possible! I usually give my quilts as gifts at Christmas and I work on them throughout the year. Right now I am working on 6 denim quilts to give to my family!

  44. Reply

    Nice to meet you! I’m getting more adventurous in appliqué these days. Yours are so cute!
    I don’t know if I start sewing for Christmas. Maybe I’m so slow, that whatever I start, becomes Christmas presents sometimes!

  45. Reply

    Hmmm. I don’t have a consistent start time. Anytime I have an idea on what to make I guess. 🙂

  46. Reply

    Thanks for a great tutorial. I don’t have a particular time but usually around September/October, it depend show much I am planning to sew.

  47. Reply

    I follow on Facebook. x

  48. Reply

    I try to work on Christmas gifts all year but I really get busy in Oct/Nov. I am really into small bags so that is probably what everyone will be getting this year.

  49. Reply

    I am really bad – last year I didn’t ever get to the sewing, I just started the crochet and even that didn’t get finished. But I keep reading all these Christmas in July posts and maybe I will be inspired to actually do something!

  50. Reply

    It all depends on what I plan to make for the holidays, if I am making family quilts, I work on that all year long, if it is smaller projects, I usually start in September/October.

  51. Reply

    i start sewing in October or so. It depends on what I’m making

  52. Reply

    i follow you on FB-karrie smith

  53. Reply

    I don’t have a specific time to sew for Christmas, just depends on my current projects and what I want to make for the holidays. Thanks for the giveaway!

  54. Reply

    I try to start in September, but sometimes it is not until November when I actually start. I love your quilt and I have added Kay’s book to my wish list. Thanks for sharing and for the giveaway.

  55. Reply

    I already like you on Facebook.

  56. Reply

    I usually start the first part of November. sarah@forrussia.org

  57. Reply

    I am a very bad last minute gal.

  58. Reply

    I plan to start in September this year.

  59. Reply

    I started looking at some Christmas projects today, but I don’t think that counts! I usually start in October, and then put the unfinished project away in January. I’ve got a couple of projects to pull out this year and I think I’ll be able to finish both of them.

  60. Reply

    I’m a new follower on Facebook.

  61. Reply

    I usually start sewing in November for Christmas. I have been thinking of what I am going to make a little earlier this year so maybe I’ll get going sooner. Thanks.

  62. Reply

    This is the first year I have already started sewing for Christmas. I already completed 2 quilt tops. Ok, so they were also test quilts, but it still counts 🙂

  63. Reply

    Oh, I love this quilt! The applique really looks nice, I love the little birdies especially. I haven’t started sewing for the holidays yet but I already started knitting since last year I was really scrambling to finish my projects.

  64. Reply

    I usually start November, then run out of time to finish everything. This year I hope to do better!

  65. Reply

    Most of my Christmas sewing the last couple of years has been Santa sack orders and they start come in from around March 🙂

  66. Reply

    Am a Facebook fan

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    I like you on FB

  68. Reply

    I have a habit of dropping WIPs and most of my Christmas sewing was actually started the previous year. Most of it was started not intending to be for Christmas but its a good motivator to finish up.

  69. Reply

    i am working on a christmas project now, a paper pieced wall hanging.

  70. Reply

    i sew for christmas all year ’round but get really serious in september.

  71. Reply

    i follow on facebook.

  72. Reply

    Haven’t started yet but I need to!

  73. Reply

    I just started sewing this year (2014), but I started making Christmas gifts in July.

  74. Reply

    I know I should start now. I tell myself I must start in September. I usually start in October. Lol!

  75. Reply

    This year I will start in August! I loved reading about your Christmas quilt!

  76. Reply

    I like you on Facebook!

  77. Reply

    I haven’t started my Christmas projects yet but know what I want to make, which is half the battle

  78. Reply

    I have not started sewing for Christmas – I should start in Aug! thank you for the tutorial!

  79. Reply

    I don’t always sew for Christmas, when I do, I start in June or July. Last year I made a few twin sized quilts for Christmas gifts. A few years back I made many tree skirts, I started in June everyone that received them for Christmas loved them. Thanks for showing us your beautiful quilt and generous giveaway. ;->

  80. Reply

    I usually don’t start until the beginning of November, but if I know it’s a more involved project I’ll start the month before.

  81. Reply

    I love you quilt. I started sewing this year in July, and I intend to keep working until I’m done and not stall out. I have some big projects to finish. cdahlgren at live dot com

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    I liked you on Facebook.

  83. Reply

    I’m a terrible last minute maker. So usually start Thanksgiving weekend!

  84. Reply

    Gorgeous quilt! Thank you for the tutorial. I usually start sewing for Christmas in September. The weather starts getting a bit cooler and I start thinking of the holidays to come.

  85. Reply

    I just can’t get into Christmas sewing until the snow flies, sometimes its October and sometimes not until December. kthurn@bektel.com

  86. Reply

    I liked Sally’s Angelworks on Facebook. kthurn@bektel.com

  87. Reply

    I always start sewing for Christmas way too late! And then everyone posts so many beautiful Christmas projects that my mind goes racing and I get even more behind 🙂

  88. Reply

    I sew for Christmas all year round, I like to make a sewn gift for my family each year for Christmas.

  89. Reply

    Really cute quilt ya made there! I try to start early but, that usually means getting my ideas ready. Then the next thing i know is that its Thanksgiving Weekend and I don’t have a thing made and the rush begins….

  90. Reply

    I will typically pick up a new Christmas project right after Christmas (got to take advantage of those after Christmas sales) and then dream about what I would make. Needless to say I have a few ‘projects’ in the works.

  91. Reply

    I have already finished a Christmas Tree table runner. One gift done. An Awesome quilt.

  92. Reply

    I have liked you on FB and looking forward to seeing more of your work.

  93. Reply

    In the past — I started in December (craziness) — now I hope to start in August/September

  94. Reply

    I follow you on FB and Pinterest

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