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Remember the days when we were sitting in school and wondering if class would ever end?? Or during the summer, we'd be sitting in front of our 3 channels watching another episode of CHiPs wondering when our mom was going to take us somewhere fun??? And the word "bored" was rarely used because we didn't want to have to clean up our rooms? But we were bored, for sure!!

Oh my goodness, I cannot slow time down!! It's moving so rapidly that I just can't keep up!

BUT, I'm trying to savor every minute of this summer. And Wednesdays are one of my very favorite days of the week, because I get to list out what I'm working on. It realigns me, for sure!

Yesterday, I received the BEST package from Julie over at Intrepid Thread!! Here's what I get to work on…


A fun, kinda secret project (BIG quilt!!!) using these FABULOUS American Made solids! Super excited about this new design, too!!! I am going to have my darling friend Pam Quiltaholic quilt it, too! 


This new line, Angel Band is soooo awesome!!! Steampunk Angels playing instruments including the cello??? Um, yes!!!


Her wings are awesome!!!!


I have a bunch of ideas for these!! And starting Christmas projects actually sounds wonderful right now!! yay!!

Here are some other fabrics I got for future projects…(not really on my WIP list THIS week! eeeeek!!!)


knits!! yes!!!


Alison Glass Field Day! so yummmmy!!!


I've been drooling over these for a while!!! Melissa Ybarra's  (Iza Pearl Designs – Chalkboard Christmas…these fabrics feel sooooo yummmmmmmy!!!

And other projects I'm working on this week…


Hand quilting!!! yay!!!!


with a quilting hoop, even!!


This is a quick patchwork project I'm using to distract myself from other projects!!! LOL!! (Christmas is almost here, folks! can't you tell???)


getting my paints together!! sooooo fun!!!


this stash is taunting me!!! I can't get away from it!!! eeeek! Someone come and finish my other deadlines so I can play with these!! (Or just come cook and clean and take care of those rascally kids! Just kidding…I love my job!!)

Here's a sneaky peek at two other fun projects I've been working on…



There is always hope, right????


I also have my Schnitzel and Boo mini quilt deadline and my Modern Quilt Guild Michael Miller challenge quilt deadline coming up!

It's okay…it keeps me from having to clean my room, right???

Linking up to Lee's WIP Wednesday!



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