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Works in progress…

I could have a very long post here…but I'm going to get back to sewing to have some finishes to show on Friday!! :) 

Quick philosophy here for you from me: 

I personally believe that I need to have a bunch of projects going. Not to the detriment of my stress level or me discarding my whole family for the quilting world (although I just don't get why they want dinner every night!LOL!)…but, I do think for me, I need several projects so that I can focus. It sounds counter-intuitive, but some personalities need to focus on one thing at a time. And others need multiple places to focus so that they can focus. This is me…I also need deadlines so I can prioritize projects! I'm in process this month of doing that!! Prioritizing and finishing!! 

If you are a 'one at a time' project person, don't be overwhelmed by my multiple project posts. I will finish and I will have lots and lots of new projects! It's good for me…it keeps me from eating bonbons in front of netflix!! for sure! ♥

I will show a couple of projects that I have going that you haven't seen yet!

Right before Quilt Market, I made a bunch of clothes for me to wear at market. One of the pieces was another Wiksten tank out of the beautiful Art Gallery voile!!


My sweet oldest daughter fell in love with it!! on her!!! LOL!! She "ordered" three more! and picked out the fabrics today at our LQS, CJ's Quilt Shop.


So, I've got my work cut out for me! (Pun intended!!)

She also picked out some knit fabrics to make some maxi skirts for her trip to the UK in July…


She will be a well-dressed child, for sure!! 🙂

Here are three more "in-progress design" projects:


Sunbonnet Sues!!!! (adore!!)


inspirational fabric!!!!!


this will SOON be a Macbook Pro case for my daughter! (Maybe she will buy a macbookpro for me, too!!)

What are you making right now???

Let me know right here in the comments!!

I'm linking up to Lee's WIPs Wednesday!!



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