{settling into the “new”…}


You know that feeling you get when you come home from vacation and everything feels new? Your house all of a sudden is undiscovered territory…the path you take to the grocery store is an uncharted path, a new adventure…

That feeling also happens when a big change happens – like a new job, a new house…or also a tragedy. We have always said in that instance (a big change), it's time to get used to the "new normal"!! 

We constantly go through change – good and bad. Change is actually something that I embrace. But you knew that about me, right? A new summer schedule has really been a fun, wild change for me!! But, I'm trying to fight my "I love change!!" attitude, {or as I call it, "Let's live without any schedules or order!!"} because I want to reach some goals this summer. I want to establish some good habits and set some things into motion that will help me to coast a little bit when the next big change happens (hopefully that's not until mid-August when school starts again!!!)

All that to say, I'm working out my blogging schedule and seeing how I can get the best content to you at the best time! It's been fun to experiment and play with the process. I'm finding out a lot about me, and that discovery has been invaluable! Maybe that'll be a blog post soon…but for now, you want to see some pictures, not read more pontificating words about my blogging philosophy…


Here is a sweet quilt top that I finished for CJ's Quilts, my LQS (local quilt shop!)!




And here is the finished top…


I can't wait to see how they quilt it!! Such a fun pattern using a panel all fussy cut up! It'd be perfect for a little girl or boy who is totally into Astronomy!!!

Stay tuned this week for fun posts with other finished projects! And maybe more pontification…you never know with me!! ♥


(I just had to share a bit of real life…Emma and Carmel at the vet getting Carmel's eye looked at! This is one of my fave recent pics of my sweet Ems!)

Have a wonderful week!!



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