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Let's share our favorite inspirational links today!!

I'm doing a book study called Pursue the Intentional Life online at {in}courage Bloom!!! We just started studying Jean Fleming's really awesome book, and today, I journaled about it!!

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There is so much I could write about this topic, but really, I'm just starting to "marinate" in the words and ideas that she's presenting. So, I'll save all of the ideas that are percolating right now.

I will say that I was inspired to art journal a bit, but since there was a lot of text (and it was my first day), I held to just making a mini (really mini) quilt for the page! 

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adorable!!! 🙂 and hopefully inspirational, not frittering away the time! (actually, I remember the concepts because of the time and art I put into it!!)


Here's another launching point with which I am facinated right now:

the Baltimore Album Quilt


This quilt was exhibited at Quilt Market in Pittsburgh…

check out the detail…


I am so in love with this!!! 

I've started a Baltimore Album Love Pinterest board to capture images that inspire me to make one of my own…how would it look? what does it have to include? modern or traditional?? So many questions before I start sewing. I can tell this is going to be a fun research labor of love, for sure!!! (my 25th anniversary is in two and a half years! I could have it done by then, don'tcha think???)



I'm going to leave you with this image of inspirational fabric today!! (My project with these is already finished! yay!!! I will share soon!!)

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Here are some links that inspired me today:

Some creative business sites I like:

Other links I liked this week:


What's inspiring you today????



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