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Is this you today? It is me!! (I have this mug on my wish list along with several others there!!)

I'm super excited today to share a pattern with you that I recently made. If you follow me on Instagram, you've seen it…but I want to tell you the story of how this came about!


{JeniB's instagram pic! This is so me!! LOL!!}

This is my Ahoy Tote, or as I call my Anchor Tote! 🙂


This pattern is by Erin Schlosser of Schlosser Designs, and it is super fun, easy and very rewarding!! When you are finished, you have the perfect tote for the beach or traveling or just slugging your kiddo's stuff around the city! :) 


But what really drew me to this pattern was her anchor. I've had a facination with anchors lately! …as you might've been able to see from my free pattern in my last newsletter!! (If you missed that, subscribe now! There will be another freebie July 1st!! eeek!!!)

I'm a pattern tester for Erin, and when I went to make this bag, I asked her if it was okay for me to alter it just a bit!! She said yes!!! 


When I see an anchor, I cannot help but see the word HOPE…because of this scripture:


In Hebrews 6, Paul talks about the fact that God has given us His promise to bless us. He says that God even swore that oath on himself, and God doesn't lie!! (I really like the New Living Translation!). So what does that mean for us?


It means that we can enter into a relationship with God, we can come to Him with the confidence of blessing!! He's pouring out his blessing on us right now! Yep, even in the depths of despair, that anchor of hope still gets me through. 

…and that's why my bag says HOPE!! because He is my anchor of HOPE! ♥


me and JeniB being cute at Quilt Market in her awesome booth!!I used her line Dreamin' Vintage to make my bag. It's so cheery!!!! 🙂

What are you putting your hope in today? 


Many blessings to you today!!

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