{a fresh new start…}


Ohhhhh we all need a fresh start…frequently…

Okay, maybe it's just me that needs fresh starts!

So, at the beginning of this year, I, along with my family, decided to move rooms around. We moved my youngest into my oldest's room, my oldest into the old craft studio, and my craft studio into my youngest's room. 

So…remember these pics?




 This was our extra bedroom downstairs that has served me well as my little craft studio!!

Here's the bedroom I moved into…before…

Photo 1 (10)

Photo 2 (10)

Photo 3 (10)

Photo 4 (8)

So…first…here is the new guest room!! (what was the little downstairs craft studio…)


There are more corners of gorgeousness in the room, but I'm waiting for a fun sunny day to take pics!! (and for my oldest to finish her finishing touches!!) But for now, I love what she's done with what she has, especially the collage on the wall!!

and now for my new craft studio…

I need to remind you that I love fresh starts often…so at this very moment, the room has different projects out than what are in these pics…


For some reason, I have to have that wingback chair in my room!! It's totally in the way, but it's a comfort! And I'm looking for just the right fabrics to reupholster it…any ideas???


Can you see some of the projects I've posted on Instagram lately???



…like this one that I got off of Pinterest here


Or the bulletin board cork circles covered in fabric idea found here on Pinterest...




I've since put away my Christmas art journaling things…But I'm in process of creating a new art journal for a bunch of new projects!! eeeeek!!


My favorite part of the room!! fabric!! ♥

It's so inspirational and full of stuff…good stuff…stuff that I move around here and there so I don't forget what stuff I have so that I use it!!! :) 

One of the hashtags I love to use on Instagram and FB is #blissfullife. 

I am so thankful for what God has given me. Such a blessing to be able to pop upstairs and create in a heartbeat!! (and get healthier heartbeats as I run up those stairs!! LOL!!!)

What fresh start are you thankful for today? what does your #blissfullife look like???



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