{friendships, pillows, and a sweet little tutorial…}


I'm so blessed…

…blessed to be surrounded by wonderful souls!

I love to spend time with awesome women!

One of the pleasures I'm going to get this year is to lead the Houston Modern Quilt Guild as President! We've already had our first monthly meeting and our first board meeting! Both were better than my high expectations!!! I'm working with a bunch of fantastic gals who get things done and get things done with flair!! It's going to be a great year…

Here's a sneaky peek of fabric from our workshop that we did at our first meeting…


It's now on my finish list!!! You are going to love it!!!

But before I get ahead of myself (and tell you about 14 new projects…LOL!!!), I have to tell you that I've got a free tutorial over at Julie's blog today for you to enjoy!!!


Julie (and Brooke pictured here with me last October) is another one of those wonderful women I LOVE spending time with!!! And she's allowed me to spend time with you and all of her readers on her blog…

so what are you waiting for? Ohhhh, you want to see the project…


Helen's Wonky Friendship Pillow


Soooooo fun!!! 

Head on over to Julie's blog, the Intrepid Thread, and check out how to make this sweetie!!

And enjoy some time with your soulful friends…


This weekend, I'm planning a mini vacation where I get to see my kids in action with Youth and Government, and I get to spend the evenings with my darling friend, Melanie! (the pic above is Mel and me and our girlies at the Hobbit premiere!!) We're going to have a wonderful girl's weekend out!! 🙂 Austin, here we come!!

I hope your weeks are full of friendship, blessings, and wonderful pillows!!! (If not, run over to Julie's blog and make one!!!)



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