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This holiday week, I went with my darling daughter and sister-in-law and her girlies (plus a sweet friend from out of town!!) to the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston.

It is so one of my very favorite places in Houston!!!

They have just opened one of the coolest exhibits, "The Age of Impressionism: Great French Paintings from the Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute"

The above painting is from this collection…


This painting is my favorite of the collection!!


I am so inspired by the way the artist used oils to create the texture of plush velvet!! Isn't that amazing????  (of course I'd be drawn to the textiles!!)

While I was at the museum, I saw other exhibits and other inspiration. One of the things I have learned over my few years of quilting is that anything can inspire a new quilt design!!


This is a textile from Turkey – Ottoman period – late 16th Century

Silk embroidery on on a linen foundation

Wouldn't this make a fabulous quilt pattern??? I'm inspired by it, for sure!!

What are you inspired by this week of fresh starts???


(we girlies at the museum!!)




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