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Well, I think I almost am ready for 2014 to begin!!! LOL!!!!

Yep, I've been organizing EVERYTHING the last two weeks! I can't believe it's the 15th today!!!


I better get a move on…

I wanted to share what projects I'm going to finish this quarter!


I'm joining in on the 2014 Finish Along!!!

That means that each quarter I'm going to overwhelm you with a million projects that I will finish in that quarter. Then at the end of the quarter, I will brag shamelessly about tell you kindly what I finished with fun pictures!!! 

I started this year with about 30 unfinished projects, but I'm not going to have all 30 of them as goals this quarter…just a few of them…

So here we go…


(this may be cheating, but as of January 1st, this was not finished!!!)

1. My very first quilt top…a king-sized log cabin!!!


2. My 30 days of blocks quilt

Last September, I made and posted a block a day…this quilt was the result…it's almost FINISHED!!!!


3. a new baby boy quilt!!! and a new tutorial for you!! Stay tuned soon!!


4. Picnic blanket

Fun long time project that needs desperately to be finished!! And my quasi-Project Quilting project for this two weeks!!! (I'll explain myself in a separate post soon!!)


5. This year's Friendship Brunch table decorations!! Sooooo fun and beautiful!


6. a Helen's Garden Pillow!!

Another tutorial about to happen!! I"ll keep you posted, I promise!!!

***BTW, if you want to stick with me through all these projects this quarter, follow me on Bloglovin'!!! (link in my right sidebar!!)***


7. aprons, anyone?

Fabrics for yet another tutorial that I'll be guest posting on another blog!!! Stay tuned!!! eeeek!!


8. hint for a giftie for a darling friend!!! heeeee!!!!



 Wait!! Did you say you wanted a giftie???? (…another hint…make sure you are signed up for my newsletter!!!!) 9. & 10. (secrets, oh secrets!)


This little fun project will be done by Feb 14th!!!!! 11. Love a Challenge!!!


12. Love Texas boy quilts!!!!!


13. More baby quilts

If I don't get these finished, the babies I'm making them for will be in college!!!! yikes!!!


This is for me!!!! 14. My 4×5 bee quilt!!!  Can't wait to finish it up!!! soooo yummmmmmy!!

I also have two bee blocks and some pouches to make for me (art pencil pouch and sunglasses pouch and a wallet!!!!), so I'm a little bit busy this quarter!!!

Join in with us!!!

What are you finishing this month, this quarter, this year????



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