{the good life … my secret!!}


Ohhhhhh this season is whisking by just like I expected it, and I'm going to take a quick minute to just review a little piece of it…and then we'll be on to our next two events for today (caroling with dear friends and our annual gingerbread decorating contest with other darling friends!!).



 So, we are pretty much done decorating…

Here's my mantle…I just need to make two more stocking letters (Q & M) because Target didn't have those!!


But I love the stockings with our Big Guy, Tex the Longhorn!!


I found most of my decorations on the left from Pier 1 Imports…yep, totally addicted to that store!!


The snowflake lights were from, of course, Target!

And I found some dishes on clearance and I made a little pedistal for one of our many nativity sets…

Thank you, E6000 (adhesive!!!)…


That mercury glass bowl was on sale at Target for $1.89!! Score!!

We already had our wooden star… (FREE!!) and another nativity fit perfectly underneath!


Little Horns Long Horns has his own decorations!


As does our Schroeder piano!! LOL!!


Yesterday was our big day!!! We had three events to enjoy…


Brazos River Turnaround played at the local farmer's market! Super fun!!!!

Then the Houston Modern Quilt Guild had a big Christmas party at our house…



Cora helped me put together a photo booth!! I loved it!!! 🙂 (I think the girlies did, too!!) 

And we had a handmade ornament swap!!!

Here are some of the ornaments that I came away with…teeheeee!!!


(thanks, Amy…it's really Quentin's!!)


And Paula made this Rudolph!!! soooo cute!!!

I made Liz a fun birdie!!!


Yes, we had lots of great food, fun, and fellowship!!!

Then in the evening we had a wonderful church Christmas party with a service! It was really fun!!


It was a very full tiring wonderful day…

and it was the 22nd anniversary of my marriage to Mr Gorgeous!!!


I talk about it every year…how my wedding was so beautiful…


How the dress was amazing…


How it was just a blissful time…

but what you may not know is that my life…and marriage…is messy!! It's not all blissful or magical. Suffering happens, words are said, people are human…and on and on.



22 years ago {yesterday}, Mr Gorgeous and I stood up in front of A LOT of people and we made a committment to each other. Part of that committment in our hearts was that we would work on our marriage and our communication. 


Oh my goodness, we are still working on it like crazy. But we are working on it, so that when we are in the midst of struggle, sickness, heartache, we can lean on each other – trust each other!! 

22 years ago, my sweetie had a 103degree fever when he said I Do (no, that doesn't negate what he said!! LOL!!!!). And a week later when we were on our honeymoon in Colorado in the mountains, and I had the fever and basically, the flu, I found out that my marriage was going to be work…but good, fun, rewarding work!!!

…and so I live the good life…

…there's more to it, too!!

But if I told you everything today, you wouldn't have to come back tomorrow!


Stay tuned for the rest of the story!!



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