{market wildness leads to inspirational wildness}


I had such a wonderful opportunity this year to go to both Quilt Market and Quilt Festival. And truly, the result has been a flurry of inspiration for me!!

I cannot stop coming up with new projects, new fabric combinations, seeing new quilts in everything I see!! I love that about Market and Festival! 🙂

So in the vein of new projects, I have to tell you that I'm thinking, thinking, thinking about my project that I'm doing with "the Gang"!!

Remember "the Gang"?



{Becca, Tammy, Julie, Brooke ~Vanessa~ Joanna, and me! the Gang!!}

We all love Vanessa and her awesome creativity…and her fun personality!!!


Aren't we happy??? #selfieswithsally <—teeheeee

So, it was right here at Vanessa's booth where I was talking about taking selfies and our new bff Joanna told me she was going to invent a selfie extender holder to make it easier! LOL!!! That was the start of our wonderful friendship…



As we got louder and louder, we couldn't help but bond and out came the challenge…

Our challenge is called "Love a Challenge"!! 

We are all to make something out of the 2.5" squares that Vanessa lovingly gave us!! 🙂 yay!!!

So, as we get closer to our finish date of our wonderful projects using Vanessa's latest new fabrics, Color Me Happy, we'll all keep sharing our progress!! Right now, I'm in the design stages! I know there will be text involved…lots and lots of text! 🙂

BTW, if you want to make sure you don't miss a fun posting from any of our blogs, go to BLOGLOVIN.com and enter our blog addys to follow. Or you can just click on the link on my right sidebar. It'll sign you right up to follow my blog. Yay!!!

What else is going on, you ask???


So I started a doodling class today by Dawn Sokol…it includes making an art journal. So I started that today!!


yep, I'm in love with my craft studio right now! I went shopping for all of the products I needed for this class right in my own craft studio! Super fun…

And here's my journal cover…





Fun spine, huh???????


Here's another new project I just can't wait to finish!!! 🙂 eeeeeek!!
I need a weekend retreat to be a finisher!!! yes!!


Happy Birthday to my dear sweet Emma!!!! 



She's my sweetie little 14yo today!! amazing!!! (in the pic above, she is raising money for her mission trip to Baja after Christmas)

Such a lovely girlie!

And my last WIP for this week…


2/3rds of my Modern Maples quilt done!!

What are you working on this week???


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