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Yes!!!! I had a blissful time for the last two weeks focusing on gorgeous fabrics and quilting and design and friendships and…well, let's just say, I have been living a beautiful dream! 🙂

First of all, Let me just say that I have a billion pictures and I'm just going to show them haphazardly to you! Bear with me!! :) 

One of my favorite things about Market is preparing something for the booths…if a designer or fabric company needs something made before market, I'm here for them!! (hint, hint!!)

This Fall Market, I had the extreme privilege to create a quilt for Windham Fabrics using gorgeous fabrics created by Marcia Derse!!





Aren't these strips yummy????

Well, Marcia created this really awesome design for a quilt and Windham passed the pic of her design to me and I interpreted it into this quilt top:


I created a free pattern for this quilt that will be available on Windham's website in December when the fabrics are released!! yay!!!!



But wait…you want to see the finished quilt, right????

Ohhhhh it's gorgeous!!! 


Marcia is holding my quilt for Becca to take a pic!!! Thanks, you two!! 🙂

And here I am with Marcia!!


She is the sweetest!!! She loved the quilt and talked to me about the color flowing throughout the quilt! It was a super rush to be a part of her booth, for sure!!! Thanks, Marcia and Windham!!

Here are a couple more pics…



I loved the backing and the quilting!! Janice Jamison quilted it, and she did a fabulous job!!


Here's a look at her booth (Yes, I was sneaking by a bit later…LOL!!) and my fun quilt sitting in the middle of it! 🙂 The quilt on the back wall is the one she put together which inspired me!!!

Super fun!!!



You've probably seen this pic on Brooke's blog or Julie's blog!!

We had the best time together!!! Brooke and Julie make it an annual tradition to come to Fall Market and stay with me! We run around and have an awesome time at the show together…and this time, we added a little fun spark…check out the hashtag #selfieswithsally on Instagram!!! 

Yep…kinda crazy!!! 

But here's my deal…I love the people in this industry. Don't get me wrong…I'm totally inspired to quilt by everything around me at Market (and Festival for that matter!!). But the people are so warm, friendly, and super inspiring just in themselves!!

All of that being said…don't ya wanna see some more fabric??? LOL!!!


Julie brought me these goodies!!!

Joel Dewberry's Bungalow!! Yummmmm!!

I'm going to do this pattern with it soon!!! :) 


Super fun!!!!

She had these fabrics in this cutie little pouch for me!!



I love love love this little fun racoon!!!! Tula Pink's Acacia!

And Brooke brought me this awesome Christmas table runner!!!


…made from gorgeous Aspen Frost!! YUM!! I'm ready for Christmas now!! ♥

And I just have to do a little shoutout to my darling SoCal friend, Candice from Made with Love!!! Last Spring Market, I picked up a bundle of Scrumptious Fat Quarters for her and mailed them to her! And she sent me the sweetest little jewelry pouch!! What a sweetie!!!!



This is going to be sooooo perfect for all of my traveling I'm scheduling for next year!!! yay!!!


I love it, Candice!! Thank you so much!!!


See what I mean about the people in the quilting world???


Here are some fun fabrics pics to round out the wildly long post…

Lotta's Mormor for Windham Fabrics


V and Co's Color me Happy!! Yep, this makes me happy!! 🙂


Sweetwater's Wishes and my new Aurifil 12wt thread!! A new experiment for me!! 🙂


Carolyn Friedlander's Botanics…super yum!


and some Perle cotton and Amanda Murphy's new book!! super fun!

I have so much more to share with you. I hope to grab time every day this week to update the blog!! We are finding it harder and harder to carve out time lately…which kinda scares me, since the holidays are coming up fast!! eeeek!!

But, I am hopeful…you know me!! Full of hope…so much so, that I started digitally scrapping again!!


Don't forget that today is a gift!!! 

Blessings!!! and stay tuned! ♥


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